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libplist is a library for handling Apple Binary and XML Property Lists.
This package contains the development files for C++.


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libplist++-devel-2.0.0-1.6.i586.rpm 2.0.0 i586 openSUSE Oss
libplist++-devel-2.0.0-1.6.x86_64.rpm 2.0.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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Install Howto

  1. Add the openSUSE Hardware repository:
    # zypper addrepo opensuse-hardware
  2. Install libplist++-devel rpm package:
    # zypper install libplist++-devel




2017-05-01 -
- update to version 2.0.0:
* Improved malformed XML and binary plist detection and error
* Add parser debug/error output (when compiled with
- -enable-debug), controlled via environment variables
* Fix unicode character handling
* Add PLIST_IS_* helper macros for the different node types
* Extend date/time range and date conversion issues
* Plug several memory leaks
* Speed improvements for handling large plist files
* Includes security fixes for:
* CVE-2017-6440, CVE-2017-6439, CVE-2017-6438, CVE-2017-6437,
* CVE-2017-6436, CVE-2017-6435, CVE-2017-5836, CVE-2017-5835,
* CVE-2017-5834, * CVE-2017-5545, * CVE-2017-7982 (boo#1035312)
... and several others that didn't receive any CVE (yet).
2017-02-02 -
- RPM group assignment fixes
2017-01-25 -
- update version 1.12+git20170119.6a44dfb
* xplist: Fix limiited but possible XXE security vulnerability
with XML
* plistutil: use static buffer for stat()
* plistutil: Plug some memory leaks
* bplist: Fix possible crash in plist_from_bin() caused by access
to already freed memory
* bplist: Plug memory leaks caused by unused and unfreed buffer
* bplist: Refactor binary plist parsing in a recursive way
* xplist: Get rid of setlocale() and use custom function to print
floating point values
* Node.cpp: let plist_t operations free _node when in a container
* cython: Fix module build with libplist already installed
* bplist: Speed up plist_to_bin conversion for large plists
* Implemented plist_is_binary() and plist_from_memory()
* plist_data_compare: Make sure to compare the node sizes for integer
* xplist: Plug memory leak when converting PLIST_UID nodes to XML
* Change internal storage of PLIST_DATE values from struct timeval
to double
* Use time64 implementation by Michael G Schwern to extend allowed
date/time range
* remove libxml2 in favor of custom XML parsing
* base64: Rework base64decode to handle split encoded data correctly
* plistutil: Prevent OOB heap buffer read by checking input size
* plistutil: Use plist_is_binary() to check for binary plist data
* bplist: Improve UINT_TO_HOST macro, remove uint24_from_be function
* bplist: Check for invalid offset_size in bplist trailer
* bplist: Use proper struct for binary plist trailer
* bplist: Check for invalid ref_size in bplist trailer
- fixed CVE-2017-5209, boo#1019531
* The base64decode function in base64.c allows attackers to
obtaiin sensitive info from process memory or cause a denial
of service (buffer over-read) via split encoded Apple Property
List data.
2014-10-21 -
- Enable %check as it is provided by libplist and improves quality
2014-10-17 -
- Update to version 1.12
* Fix plist_from_bin() changing value nodes to key nodes in dictionaries
* Avoid exporting non-public symbols
* Prevent crash in plist_from_bin() when parsing unusual binary plists
* Fix crash in String|Key::GetValue() and actually make C++ interface work
* Fix memory leaks in new_xml_plist() and parse_real_node()
* Fix header guards to conform to C++ standard
* Update Cython based Python bindings and remove plist_new_key()
* Fix key nodes not being output correctly if they contained XML entities
* Fix handling and storage of signed vs. unsigned integer values
* Fix date handling to respect the "Mac Epoch" instead of "Unix Epoch"
* Remove plist_set_type() as it should not be used
* Fix deprecated macros to work with older LLVM/Clang
* Fix various shadowed declarations
* Add documentation to explicitly describe memory buffer ownership
* Fix memory leak in plist_from_bin()
* Add various test cases based on fixes
* Fix wrong timezone related date/time conversion of date nodes
* Fix endian detection on MIPS architecture
* Fix parallel build for autotools

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