libgsequencer0 - GSequencer core libraries

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Distribution openSUSE Tumbleweed
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Package filename libgsequencer0-2.0.22-45.1.x86_64.rpm
Package name libgsequencer0
Package version 2.0.22
Package release 45.1
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category System/Libraries
License GPL-3.0+ AND AGPL-3.0+ AND GFDL-1.3
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Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer is an audio sequencer application.
This subpackage contains part of its library set.


Package Version Architecture Repository
libgsequencer0-2.1.69-86.14.i586.rpm 2.1.69 i586 Multimedia Apps
libgsequencer0-2.1.69-1.1.i586.rpm 2.1.69 i586 openSUSE Oss
libgsequencer0-2.1.69-1.1.x86_64.rpm 2.1.69 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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libgsequencer0 = 2.0.22-45.1
libgsequencer0(x86-64) = 2.0.22-45.1


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Binary Package libgsequencer0-2.0.22-45.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package gsequencer-2.0.22-45.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Multimedia Apps repository:
    # zypper addrepo multimedia-apps
  2. Install libgsequencer0 rpm package:
    # zypper install libgsequencer0




2018-09-25 - Joël Krähemann <>
- new upstream v2.0.22 minor bug fixes. Fixed ramp automation
fixed missing entry of wave form editor dialogs in ags.rc. Added
missing includes in order to satisfy OpenSUSE Leap 15.0 build.
2018-09-23 - Joël Krähemann <>
- new upstream v2.0.19 minor bug fixes. Fixed timestamp issue in
ags_notation_editor.c, fixed ags-envelope recall, implemented
AgsWaveLoader object and other improvements.
2018-09-18 - Joël Krähemann <>
- new upstream v2.0.12 minor bug fixes. Fixed ags-envelope and
ags-play-wave recall. More fixes to DSSI and LV2 bridges. Further
fixed dead-lock in ags_lv2_urid_manager.c.
2018-09-15 - Joël Krähemann <>
- new upstream v2.0.8 minor bug fixes. Fixed discarded playback and
capture of AgsWave object. Further, corrected double free and
freeing unitialized field. As well, threading scope "channel"
to have set missing ability flags on AgsChannel object.
2018-09-11 - Joël Krähemann <>
- new upstream v2.0.2 minor bug fixes. Fixed NULL pointer
dereference and free in ags_pulse_server_connect_client().
2018-09-09 - Joël Krähemann <>
- new upstream v2.0.1 minor bug fixes.
2018-09-08 - Joël Krähemann <>
- new upstream v2.0.0 including new features like recording using
ALSA or JACK and wave form editor.
- edited gsequencer.spec and increased soname number.
- new dependency fftw3.
2018-08-10 -
- new upstream v1.4.35 fixes to automation editor's copy and paste
and minor fixes.
2018-07-07 -
- new upstream v1.4.34 improved thread-safety of all
ags_*_get_type() functions by using atomic operations and
improved plugin recalls accessing shared objects.
2018-06-21 -
- new upstream v1.4.32 fixed seeking position and improved object

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