goodvibes-lang - Translations for package goodvibes

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Package filename goodvibes-lang-0.3.7-1.10.noarch.rpm
Package name goodvibes-lang
Package version 0.3.7
Package release 1.10
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category System/Localization
License GPL-3.0+
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Provides translations for the "goodvibes" package.


Package Version Architecture Repository
goodvibes-lang-0.4.2-2.6.noarch.rpm 0.4.2 noarch Multimedia Apps
goodvibes-lang - - -


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goodvibes = 0.3.7


Name Value
goodvibes-lang = 0.3.7-1.10
goodvibes-lang-all = 0.3.7


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Binary Package goodvibes-lang-0.3.7-1.10.noarch.rpm
Source Package goodvibes-0.3.7-1.10.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Multimedia Apps repository:
    # zypper addrepo multimedia-apps
  2. Install goodvibes-lang rpm package:
    # zypper install goodvibes-lang




2018-05-09 -
- Update to 0.3.7:
* Update default station list
* Fix notification crash on Cinnamon. #79
* Updated translations: Czech, French, German, Norwegian
2018-04-01 -
- Update to 0.3.6:
* Add support for dark theme. #59
* Fix <Play/Pause> multimedia key. #83
* Updated translations: Dutch, French, Norwegian.
2018-03-11 -
- Update to 0.3.5:
* i18n: update goodvibes.pot and po files
2018-01-29 -
- Update to 0.3.4:
* New icon set at last ! Thanks to Hector Lahminewski and his
endless patience - the icons have been waiting for almost a year :/
* There's now a script to launch Goodvibes from the source tree -
talking to developers here, users don't care.
* Updated translations: Dutch, French.
2018-01-07 -
- Update to 0.3.3:
* Fix XML escaping of station properties before saving.
* Add support for the NumberOfEvents key in pls playlist.
* New translations: German, Norwegian Bokmal, Russian.
* Add translators to the About dialog.
2017-11-25 -
- Initial package

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