diorite - Utility and widget library for Nuvola Player

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Distribution openSUSE Tumbleweed
Repository Multimedia Apps all
Package filename diorite-0.2.2-1.18.x86_64.rpm
Package name diorite
Package version 0.2.2
Package release 1.18
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Homepage https://github.com/tiliado/diorite
License LGPL-3.0+ and LGPL-2.1+ and BSD-3-Clause
Maintainer -
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Installed size 520.84 KB
Diorite Library is a utility and widget library for Nuvola Player project based
on GLib, GIO and GTK.


Package Version Architecture Repository
diorite-0.2.2-1.18.i586.rpm 0.2.2 i586 Multimedia Apps
diorite - - -


Name Value
/sbin/ldconfig -
/usr/bin/python3 -
libX11.so.6()(64bit) -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.14)(64bit) -
libgdk-3.so.0()(64bit) -
libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0()(64bit) -
libgio-2.0.so.0()(64bit) -
libglib-2.0.so.0()(64bit) -
libgobject-2.0.so.0()(64bit) -
libgtk-3.so.0()(64bit) -
libpango-1.0.so.0()(64bit) -
libpthread.so.0()(64bit) -
libpthread.so.0(GLIBC_2.2.5)(64bit) -


Name Value
diorite = 0.2.2-1.18
diorite(x86-64) = 0.2.2-1.18
libdioriteglib-0.2.so()(64bit) -
libdioritegtk-0.2.so()(64bit) -


Type URL
Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package diorite-0.2.2-1.18.x86_64.rpm
Source Package diorite-0.2.2-1.18.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Multimedia Apps repository:
    # zypper addrepo http://widehat.opensuse.org/opensuse/repositories/multimedia:/apps/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/ multimedia-apps
  2. Install diorite rpm package:
    # zypper install diorite




2017-03-25 - ecsos@opensuse.org
- update to 0.2.2
* Add Add System.resolve_symlink function.
- changes from 0.2.1
* Fixed a segfault in RichTextView.set_link_color, which occurred
when the "link-color" style property was set but to a null
* DesktopShell class prints debug messages also about
appmenu/menubar status, which is necessary for debugging of
desktop environment issues.
* Turn CSD on and appmenu off in Budgie Desktop.
* Added Diorite $ABI variable to examples to make them buildable.
2016-01-07 - fcrozat@suse.com
- Initial package (based on Fedora package)

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