telepathy-idle - IRC support for Telepathy

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Telepathy-idle provides IRC support for Telepathy.


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telepathy-idle-0.2.0-46.36.i586.rpm 0.2.0 i586 GNOME Next
telepathy-idle-0.2.0-46.36.x86_64.rpm 0.2.0 x86_64 GNOME Next
telepathy-idle-0.2.0-43.33.i586.rpm 0.2.0 i586 GNOME Factory
telepathy-idle-0.2.0-4.6.i586.rpm 0.2.0 i586 openSUSE Oss
telepathy-idle-0.2.0-4.6.x86_64.rpm 0.2.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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telepathy-idle = 0.2.0-43.29
telepathy-idle(x86-64) = 0.2.0-43.29


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Binary Package telepathy-idle-0.2.0-43.29.x86_64.rpm
Source Package telepathy-idle-0.2.0-43.29.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the GNOME Factory repository:
    # zypper addrepo gnome-factory
  2. Install telepathy-idle rpm package:
    # zypper install telepathy-idle




2018-02-28 -
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
2013-10-03 -
- Update to version 0.2.0:
+ No code changes since 0.1.17.
2013-09-18 -
- Update to version 0.1.17:
+ This is a release candidate for telepathy-idle 0.2, recommended
for use with GNOME 3.10.
+ Dependencies:
- GLib >= 2.32
- telepathy-glib >= 0.21
+ Fixes:
- Don't crash when a channel with multiple requests fails.
- Add handle-name to RoomList properties (fdo#65614).
- Kill async read when disconnecting (fdo#64923).
- Fix tests with automake 1.13 (fdo#69258).
- Stop using deprecated telepathy-glib API (fdo#64122,
2013-05-05 -
- Update to version 0.1.16:
+ Enhancements:
- Add support for interactive TLS certificate validation,
fixing the regression in 0.1.15 that self-signed certificates
could not be used any more (fdo#57130).
- Changes from version 0.1.15:
+ Fixes:
- Validate TLS certificates properly, preventing
man-in-the-middle attacks (CVE-2007-6746, fdo#63810).
- Fix compilation and regression tests with GLib 2.36.
- Drop libopenssl-devel BuildRequires: no longer needed.
2012-11-18 -
- Update to version 0.1.14:
+ Parse PONG replies more leniently. bip's PONGs were rejected by
2012-11-15 -
- Update to version 0.1.13:
+ Enhancements:
- Initial support for listing rooms (fdo#23005).
- Chat room channels now respawn if you Close() them
+ Fixes:
- Fix for "make -j" safety (fdo#54016).
- Sending well-formed but invalid UTF-8 no longer gets Idle
kicked off the bus (fdo#30741).
- Idle now disconnects if it doesn't get a reply to its pings
after a while (fdo#56589).
- Don't wedge and stop sending messages in a situation we
believe was triggered by a short-lived GIO bug (fdo#49163).
2012-08-08 -
- Update to version 0.1.12:
+ Fixes:
- Implement the the ActorHandle property on the Subject
interface, to fix showing who changed the topic in Empathy
- Idle no longer gets stuck in a 100% CPU loop when the
connection is lost in some situations (fdo#48084)
- Get rid of deprecated things (fdo#49600)
- Renamed variables to avoid warnings with "-Werror=shadow"
2012-02-13 -
- patch license to follow standard
2011-11-15 -
- Update to version 0.1.11:
+ Enhancements:
- fdo#21168: Idle now implements the Contacts interface (which
has officially been mandatory for a while).
- fdo#37145: Rather than using its own home-grown network code,
Idle now uses GIO. This should make it more robust and
- fdo#40734: The new Subject interface is now implemented. The
old Properties interface is no longer supported, and hence
various other aspects of room configuration are no longer
exposed. In future, they should be reincarnated on the
RoomConfig interface.
- Add pkgconfig(gio-2.0) BuildRequires.
- Change telepathy-glib-devel BuildRequires to
2011-08-30 -
- Fix typo in description.

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