prboom-plus - DOOM source port with demo compatibility

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PrBoom+ is a conservative Doom source port. It features:
* The removal of engine limits and bugs, like the visplane limit,
savegame size limit, the tutti-frutti and medusa visual effects,
and others.
* BOOM editing extensions, e.g. configurable animated/switch
textures, deep water effect, scrolling walls/floors/ceilings,
conveyor belts, translucent walls and sprites, friction effects,
and generic linedef actions.
* Focus on retaining compatibility with the original Doom engines
for the purpose of demo recording and playback.
* High resolution rendering of map geometry, optionally in OpenGL


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Install Howto

  1. Add the Games repository:
    # zypper addrepo games
  2. Install prboom-plus rpm package:
    # zypper install prboom-plus




2019-01-23 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Enable DUMB music backend
2018-11-14 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to snapshot SVN4532
* Move to SDL2
* Added the "cap_fps" config variable
* The Del key can be used to clear key bindings in the setup menu.
* Added "Weapon Attack Alignment" option to align the weapon while
shooting. Possible values: "off" (doom behavior), "horizontal",
"centered" and "bobbing" for bobbing during fire.
* Removed the "Strafe 50 on Turns" and "Two-key strafe50:
StrafeOn + MoveLR = strafe50" feature.
2016-03-29 -
- Update to version
* Added "Allow Jump" and "Allow Vertical Aiming" option on
Prboom-plus 'bad' compatibility settings" page.
* Added a "Backpack Changes Thresholds" option
* "Use GL surface for software mode" mode now works much faster
if gl_finish is 0 in config.
* Better support for Chex Quest,
* Fixed the classic "Long Wall" rendering error.
2015-03-29 -
- Avoid strange inequality in Provides tag
2013-11-11 -
- Update to snapshot SVN4355
* Added "Fix clipping problems in large levels" option.
* Added "gl_finish" config variable.
* Added a "Health Bar Above Monsters" option (health_bar* config
variables; GL only).
* Added a "Things appearance" automap option. Possible values:
"classic", "scaled" and "icons".
* Added "notarget" and "fly" cheat codes.
* Added MBF's "-beta" codepointers.
* Added a new HUD.
* Added "shaders" sector light mode.
* Support "Classic Doom" WAD files of Doom 3 BFG Edition and HACX
1.2 IWAD
* Restricted mouse look (Heretic-style Y-shearing) now is available
in software mode.
* Added a crosshair. Three different crosshair graphics are for
choice: cross, angle and dot. Extra features are changing
crosshair colors according to the player's health and/or on sight
of a target.
* "Use GL surface for software mode" mode now works much faster if
gl_finish is 0 in config.
* Ability to use e.g. doom1.wad as a resource for a doom2 IWAD,
e.g. freedoom (prboom-plus -iwad freedoom.wad -file doom1.wad).
2013-03-24 -
- Update to new upstream release
* Added device selection to portmidi player. Controlled by the
snd_mididev config variable. See stdout.txt for list of
available devices.
* Added a progress bar for demo skipping during re-recording.
* Added key binding options for start/stop and fast-forward when
watching demos.
* Added a key binding option to restart the current map.
* Added a "Default compatibility level" GUI entry.
* Support for 16 sprite rotations.
* New HUDs. HUDs definitions are moved to the
"prboom-plus.wad/-prbhud-" lump.
- Remove prboom-protos.diff, merged upstream
2012-05-25 -
- Corrected typo in spec file
2012-05-25 -
- Added BuildRequires automake
2011-08-03 -
- Enable missing USE_GLU_TESS for the self-referencing sector hack
to be rendered.
2011-06-20 -
- Update to new upstream release
* Support was added for sound fonts, OPL2 emulation, mouse wheel,
changing resolution on the fly, interpolation of automap, and the
"use GL surface for software mode" video option for the ability
to use hardware vsync in software mode.

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