pioneers-lang - Translations for package pioneers

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Package version 15.5
Package release 1.13
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License GPL-2.0-only
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Provides translations for the "pioneers" package.


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pioneers-lang - - -


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pioneers = 15.5


Name Value
pioneers-lang = 15.5-1.13
pioneers-lang-all = 15.5


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Binary Package pioneers-lang-15.5-1.13.noarch.rpm
Source Package pioneers-15.5-1.13.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Games repository:
    # zypper addrepo games
  2. Install pioneers-lang rpm package:
    # zypper install pioneers-lang




2018-12-18 - Stefan Brüns <>
- Update to 15.5
- Fix for #298: Allow trade after a road building development card
- Use more modern helper libraries for the inline help
- Minor code quality improvements
- Update to 15.4
- New theme Nouvellia, by Brian Mansberger
- Fixed rendering issues in ccFlickr theme
- Improvements for the MinGW port
- Fix for #290: check for the winning condiation at the beginning of the turn
- Fix for #285part2: Fixed unplayable development card
- Use the default about dialog
- Framework change: replaced glib-gettextize by intltool
- GTK+3 deprecation checks are turned off per default
- Minor code quality improvements
- Update to 15.3
- Relicense of the desktop icons to CC-BY-SA-4.0
- Update to 15.2
- Ported from GTK+2 to GTK+3
- A new computer player, by Rodrigo Espiga Gómez
- Update to 15.1
- Full IPv6 support
- More graphics are in vector format instead of bitmaps
- A map preview is shown when creating a game from the client
- A toolbar is added to the editor
- Added a dice deck instead of rolling the dice completely randomly
- The computer player uses more various chat messages
- The Microsoft Windows port now also has a server
- Code cleanup, including fixed memory leaks
- Update to 14.1
* New features:
+ Added the game comments to the editor. With thanks to Micah Bunting
+ Added island discovery bonus in the editor. With thanks to Micah Bunting
+ Spectators see the nosetup nodes
+ Editor uses shortcuts for games folders
+ Large icons for the GNOME3 desktop
* Bugfixes:
+ Speedup of server-gtk
+ Setting the avatar icon works again
+ Trade is possible again in games without interplayer trade
+ Right-click in the editor shows the menu again
+ Code cleanup (Preparation for Gtk+3, hardening flags, memory leaks, ...)
- Replace init script with unit file
- Add firewalld config
- Remove commit changelog from the packages
- Split off doc subpackage
2013-03-18 -
- Corrected the license
2011-10-31 -
- update to 0.12.5:
* new features:
+ the maps in the editor can be manipulated more easily
+ the map can be zoomed
+ full screen mode
+ notifications
* bugfixes:
+ cosmetic fixes to the way the map is drawn
+ fixed some crashes involving the pirate
+ fixed some memory leaks in the meta server
2011-04-18 -
- updated to 0.12.4
2011-04-18 -
- based on a package by Toni Graffy

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