lincity-ng - City Simulation Game

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Package release 1.520
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LinCity-NG is a city simulation game. It is a polished and improved
version of the classic LinCity game. Within the scope of the GoTM
project at happypenguin, a new iso-3D graphics engine was created with
a completely redone and modern GUI.


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lincity-ng-2.9.beta+git.20160929-1.520.i586.rpm 2.9.beta+git.20160929 i586 Games
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lincity-ng-data = 2.9.beta+git.20160929


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lincity-ng = 2.9.beta+git.20160929-1.520
lincity-ng(x86-64) = 2.9.beta+git.20160929-1.520


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Binary Package lincity-ng-2.9.beta+git.20160929-1.520.x86_64.rpm
Source Package lincity-ng-2.9.beta+git.20160929-1.520.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Games repository:
    # zypper addrepo games
  2. Install lincity-ng rpm package:
    # zypper install lincity-ng




2016-11-25 -
- Update to current git head 20160929
* Improved Scottish Gaelic translation
* Improved German translation (fixes boo#1012211)
* Feature: Markets can now transport water
- Use service for automatic source download
2016-01-02 -
- Fixed data package, sounds.xml now lists the .ogg files instead
of old .wav files. See boo#960465
2015-12-30 -
- Update to 2.9beta (head of git):
* A lot of bug fixes, see git commits:
- Some spec file cleanup
2012-05-01 -
- Remove redundant sections/tags from specfile
- Use more pkgconfig buildrequire symbols
2011-09-02 -
- fixed manpage installation
2011-04-20 -
- applied packman changes by Toni Graffy and Quentin Denis
(update to 2.0)
2007-12-18 -
* prevents LincityNG from crashing when the population is down to
zero (Bug #12684)
2007-11-05 -
- updated to release 1.1.2
* Coal reserves below buildings are now visible on mini map. The
range of windmills and coal mines is shown while placing the
building. This release fixes a bug in the solar power plant. It
also includes some updated translations.
2007-07-09 -
- fixed BuildRequires for openSUSE > 10.2
2007-02-21 -
- updated to release 1.1.0
* Display correct values for unemployment rate.
* Port connects on all land parts.
* Change background music in menu.
* Show range of markets in traffic view
* French online help
* German online help

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