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Development files needed to build applications which use liballegro_video.


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liballegro_video5_2-devel- x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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pkgconfig(allegro_audio-5) >= 5.2.5


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pkgconfig(allegro_video-5) = 5.2.5


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Install Howto

  1. Add the Games repository:
    # zypper addrepo games
  2. Install liballegro_video5_2-devel rpm package:
    # zypper install liballegro_video5_2-devel




2019-05-28 -
- Update to 5.2.5:
* Try to identify bitmap format for unknown extensions.
* Add some missing OpenGL 4.3 functions.
* Add ?al_create_thread_with_stacksize? to create threads with a
custom stack size.  (Aldrik Ramaekers)
* Add ?al_get_system_id? function, letting you disambiguate platforms
at runtime.
* Add ?al_get_monitor_dpi? to query the DPI of a monitor.
* Add new API for making blender a bitmap-local state (like
transformations), which can simplify some code.  See
?al_set_bitmap_blender? and the related APIs.  Also see the
?ex_blend_target? example.
* Added ?al_transpose_transform?.  This is useful for rotation
* Rework internal GLES support for better portability.
* Don?t force POT bitmaps on GLES.
* Fix repeated bitmap locking on OpenGL.
* Improve linux joystick detections.
* Fix a number of memory leaks/crashes in the audio addon when using
pulseaudio/alsa.  (Julian Smythe)
* Fix compilation with Mesa 18.2.5 and later.
* Fix OpenGL version reporting after display creation (Edgar
* Fix requesting specific OpenGL versions via display options (Edgar
* Sebastian Krzyszkowiak has spent a lot of effort to making the SDL
backend usable as a nearly fully featured Allegro backend.  You can
use it on platforms native Allegro implementations do not support
(such as emscripten, etc.).
* Better logging when failing to load a resource.
* Fix a memory leak when destroying a mixer with attached streams.
* Fix a memory leak in the audio destroying a mixer with attached
Acodec addon:
* Allow modules to loop properly when the user hasn?t specified loop
points.  (Todd Cope)
Audio addon:
* Better support for big endian.  (Douglas Mencken)
TTF addon:
* Added support of HarfBuzz in FreeType (Arves100).
* Source links now point to the correct commit on GitHub.
* General improvements and clarifications.
* Add ?ex_blend_target?.
- Remove allegro-5-ifdef.patch: upstreamed
- Remove allegro-5-mesa.patch: upstreamed
2019-03-15 -
- remove dependency to dumb, that causes a build cycle
2019-01-29 - Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Removed baselib.conf
2019-01-23 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Fix SRPM group. Generalize description.
2019-01-21 -
- Add allegro-5-mesa.patch: Fix build with mesa >= 18.2.5
2019-01-21 -
- Add allegro-5-ifdef.patch: Fix glXCreateContextAttribsARB error

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