desmume - Nintendo DS Emulator

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DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator.


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desmume- x86_64 Emulators
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Install Howto

  1. Add the Emulators repository:
    # zypper addrepo emulators
  2. Install desmume rpm package:
    # zypper install desmume




2018-08-28 -
- Update to version
* dont lose toon table when geometry engine is powered off (fixes #179)
* WiFi: Fix a bug where AdHoc connections would fail to read the socket on non-Windows systems.
* Cocoa Port: Fix a bug in Metal display views where the internal V-sync would cause the total frame rate to be divided amongst multiple visible display views.
* Cocoa Port: Rework the auto-frameskip algorithm yet again. It should be more accurate this time.
* fix regression from commit 17c30c48
* minor cleanup
* Remove unused flags for display method, and remove OpenGL-specific display flag.
* fix: DD_DoDisplay would not update the display if resolution had just been changed
* Fix regression from commit 2acfdbe; setting display method to DDraw HW/SW did not actually set ddraw.systemMemory
2018-07-02 -
- Install high-quality 512x512 icon DeSmuME already uses for other ports
- Fedora compatibility
- A few cleanups
2018-04-10 -
- Updated to latest git
- Switched back to gcc to fix build
2017-07-02 -
- Updated to latest git
- Removed agg as a dependency.
2017-06-02 -
- Changed to git version
- Changed compiler to clang
2013-12-15 -
- update -> 0.9.10:
enh: break savestate back-compatibility
bug: improve save size autodetection for some games
bug: cpu: fix many basic jit cpu bugs
bug: 3d: tweak softrasterizer edge marking
bug: 3d: fix stale 4x4 texture palettes
bug: fix some GPU sprite blending scenarios
bug: fix bios HLE BitUnPack, UnCompHuffman
enh: modular slot-1 device system, emulate GC bus more faithfully
enh: support NAND slot-1 device
enh: auto-detect appropriate slot-1 and slot-2 device
enh: many revisions to firmware boot process for more authenticity. iQue and FlashME versions function, .dfc rewritten.
enh: support streaming NDS file from disk (like an ISO, to avoid long initial load time)
enh: run .dsv directly on disk, to save long flushing times. should speed backup operations.
enh: spu synch mode and method on commandline
- Added Patch from rpmfusion Fedora package to fix the 3Demu error while compiling
- Activated the script
- Added new dependencies:
* agg-devel
* Mesa-devel
* soundtouch-devel
* lua-devel
* autconf
* automake
2013-06-10 -
- update -> 0.9.9:
Turn on JIT (dynamic recompiler) for HUGE speedup:
* For Linux users: add to command line ??cpu-mode=1?

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