atari800 - An emulator of 8-bit Atari personal computers

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Atari800 is an emulator for the 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 models of
the Atari personal computer. It can be used on console, FrameBuffer or X11.
It features excellent compatibility, HIFI sound support, artifacting
emulation, precise cycle-exact ANTIC/GTIA emulation and more.


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Install Howto

  1. Add the Emulators repository:
    # zypper addrepo emulators
  2. Install atari800 rpm package:
    # zypper install atari800




2019-06-22 - Carsten Ziepke <>
- Update to 4.1.0:
New features:
* Atari800 now includes Altirra BIOS-es for all emulated
systems: 400/800, XL/XE, and 5200; as well as Altirra BASIC.
It is now possible to use the emulator without providing
any ROM images.
* The Altirra OS-es and Altirra BASIC can now be selected by
users in the "System settings", if they want to use them.
Previously Altirra OS was used automatically only when no other
OS ROMs were found.
* joyhat support for all four real joysticks,
configurable in CLI/cfg/TUI.
- Run spec-cleaner.
- Split the old spec file into spec file and changes file and
imported the past changes to changes file.
- New upstream URL:
- Use macros for build and install.
- Removed the %define lines in the head of the spec file, because
now everything is declared at the right place, e.g. Name, License,
Version and Group.
- Use pkgconfig for build requirements.
- Removed unneeded build requirements ncurses-devel and
xorg-x11-devel, because the build target is SDL and not ncurses.
- Added build requirements dos2unix for fixing a
wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding warning (file: INSTALL.falcon).
2014-04-12 - Aleksey Inozemcew 3.1.0-1
- 3.1.0 released on 2014-04-12 - Petr Stehlik <>
* DOC/ChangeLog, DOC/NEWS: updated for new release
* README.1ST, atari800.spec, DOC/README, atari.h,,, util/export: version++
2009-04-03 -
- update -> 2.1.0
New features:
* added Axlon and Mosaic RAM expansions for Atari 400/800
* added emulation of 1400XL, 1450XLD, MIO and Black Box
* added support of .PRO copy-protected disk images
* implemented tape loading with variable bitrates
* implemented cassette writing via hardware registers
* added switching between NTSC and PAL color palettes
* added emulation of XEP80 and a prototype 80 column card
for the Atari 1090 (SDL only currently)
* added emulation of CX85 numeric keyboard (Java and SDL only)
* event recording added (-record, -playback): save your game walkthrough
using the "-record mygame.dat" and later impress your friends by
your game skills or highest score using the "-playback mygame.dat"
* NTSC Filter option added to UI
* -directmouse added to SDL and X11 (used for -mouse pad or koala)
* monitor supports arrow keys - e.g. up-arrow for history
* SDL: interpolated scanlines (use -scanlinesnoint to disable)
* SDL: added -mouse, -mousespeed, -grabmouse (also Alt+M)
* SDL: visual configuration of keyboard joysticks layout in the UI
(F1 -> Controller Configuration -> Define layout)
default mapping changed to 4,8,6,5 (joy0) and A,W,D,S (joy1)
* R: device can be serial-only, network-only or both (selectable)
* R: device now supported on MS Windows and Dreamcast as well
* a completely new port to Java using NestedVM, running also as an applet
* Falcon/TT: removed Devpac dependency in asm files (now gcc friendly)
* fix for "Ilusia" demo
* better GTIA bug mode emulation
* POKEY sound: nonlinear mixing (not enabled by default), two-tone filter
* fixed POKEY registers: ALLPOT, IRQEN and STIMER
* various Atari5200 fixes
* fixed Atrax cartridge bank switching
* fixed sound recording to WAV
* -showspeed fixed, now shows speed <= 100%% correctly
* major source code cleanup, compiles with -pedantic etc.
* Save State: added support for Axlon and Mosaic (version increased to 5),
fixed PBIM12 restoring, fixed PAGED_MEM error with POKEY,
color palette restoring fixed
* SDL: using DirectX driver on MS Windows (much faster),
fixed stdout.txt on MS Windows,
fixed broken Caps Lock key handling,
- audio16 fixed
* Dreamcast recognizes the TAB key
* MS-Windows: Shift+Control fixes
* dropped SVGAlib target - use SDL instead

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