moodle3_0-sq - Moodle language pack for Albanian

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Package filename moodle3_0-sq-3.0.5-1.4.noarch.rpm
Package name moodle3_0-sq
Package version 3.0.5
Package release 1.4
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Productivity/Networking/Web/Utilities
License LGPL-2.1+
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This package contains files needed to display Moodle in Albanian.


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moodle3_0-sq - - -


Name Value
moodle3_0 = 3.0.5


Name Value
locale(moodle3_0:sq) -
locale(moodle:sq) -
moodle-sq = 3.0.5
moodle3_0-sq = 3.0.5-1.4


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Binary Package moodle3_0-sq-3.0.5-1.4.noarch.rpm
Source Package moodle3_0-3.0.5-1.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Education repository:
    # zypper addrepo education
  2. Install moodle3_0-sq rpm package:
    # zypper install moodle3_0-sq




2016-07-11 -
- update to 3.0.5:
* MDL-41922 - Completed quizzes no longer appear in the Course
overview block for students
* MDL-41945 - Do not overwrite submission with an empty filearea
when several team members edit the same assignment
* MDL-49852 - Mark assignment as completed for all students in the
team when one student from the team has made a submission
* MDL-29905 - Fixed the bug when deleting empty quiz category
was showing an error that it has questions
* MDL-46721 - Assignment blind marking: participant number in the noti-
fication email matches the number on the submission
* MDL-45427 - Database activity: When creating a template clicking on the
tags should add it to the textarea when Atto editor is used
* MDL-35104 - Allow to change username of a user registered under LDAP
authentication method
* MDL-51806 - Workshop: allow to save edited settings when using comma
as a decimal separator
* MDL-43887 - Fixed bug when handling optional date/time custom user
profile field with date range starting later than 1970
* MDL-35987 - Do not abort restore process in case of multichoice question
error 'Backup error: invalid input syntax for integer: ""'
Fixes and improvements
* MDL-45390 - Fixed rounding problem resulting with letter 57% not being
processed properly. This change may freeze gradebook calculations.
* MDL-55020 - Fixed bug when installing plugin downloaded from github repository
* MDL-53111 - Allow to unmark completion criterion 'Require end reached'
* MDL-37138 - When clicking a URL in chat, it should open in a new window or tab
* MDL-54934 - Accessibility enhancements: Indicate phase name/form
name on the Workshop title
2016-05-16 -
- update to 3.0.4:
Fixes and improvements
+ MDL-51142 - Assignment activity: Logging in as another user should
not change the field "Last modified (submission)"
+ MDL-53795 - Performance improvement in backups with logs
+ MDL-49861 - Database activity: "Save and add another" button should
not pre-populate the form with data from previous entry
+ MDL-50795 - Atto editor: Background color is no longer applied when
pasting clipboard content because of Chrome problems
+ MDL-53538 - Database activity: Do not display coding error when
searching a database with no entries
+ MDL-53139 - Upload users tool no longer breaks because of the wrong case in user email
+ MDL-53899 - Permissions of files created during the plugin installation
should follow configuration settings
+ MDL-53176 - Performance improvement to grade history report
+ MDL-51828 - Wikimedia repository: Allow to consistently import any .svg files
+ MDL-53402 - Database activity: Setting field type Number to required should allow zero value
+ MDL-53770 - LTI activity: Allow to uninstall ltisource plugins
+ MDL-53728 - Improvements to file format selector in import/export questions form

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