xfce4-appfinder-lang - Languages for package xfce4-appfinder

Property Value
Distribution openSUSE Leap 42.3
Repository Xfce all
Package filename xfce4-appfinder-lang-4.12.0-33.4.noarch.rpm
Package name xfce4-appfinder-lang
Package version 4.12.0
Package release 33.4
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category System/Localization
Homepage http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-appfinder/start
License GPL-2.0+
Maintainer -
Download size 64.56 KB
Installed size 285.71 KB
Provides translations to the package xfce4-appfinder


Package Version Architecture Repository
xfce4-appfinder-lang-4.12.0-5.2.noarch.rpm 4.12.0 noarch openSUSE Oss
xfce4-appfinder-lang - - -


Name Value
xfce4-appfinder = 4.12.0


Name Value
xfce4-appfinder-lang = 4.12.0-33.4
xfce4-appfinder-lang-all = 4.12.0


Type URL
Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package xfce4-appfinder-lang-4.12.0-33.4.noarch.rpm
Source Package xfce4-appfinder-4.12.0-33.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Xfce repository:
    # zypper addrepo http://widehat.opensuse.org/opensuse/repositories/X11:/xfce/openSUSE_Leap_42.3/ xfce
  2. Install xfce4-appfinder-lang rpm package:
    # zypper install xfce4-appfinder-lang




2015-02-28 - gber@opensuse.org
- update to version 4.12.0
- fix build problems.
- add support for AppData
- translation updates
2014-05-01 - gber@opensuse.org
- update to version 4.11.0
- make compilation to GTK3 optional
- use GDbus for communication
- add execute menu item to launch without closing the window
- add default action to open absolute paths
- add bookmarks in the model
- do nothing with the Tab event during competion (bxo#10187)
- use new xdg function to set environment
- translation updates
2013-05-05 - gber@opensuse.org
- update to version 4.10.1
- use new glib 2.32 api
- autotools updates
- detach from icon theme to avoid segfault
- protect against possible null pointers
- translation updates
2012-04-29 - gber@opensuse.org
- update to version 4.10.0
- add a valid category to xfce4-run.desktop
- fix property-changed matching
- avoid a single category if the root menu has a directory
- avoid segfault when right-clicking a custom command
- only focus view if an item is selected on entry active
- try to spawn a custom command in expanded view as well
- translation updates
- depend on exo-tools since it uses exo-open
2012-04-14 - gber@opensuse.org
- update to version 4.9.5
- don't use deprecated g_mapped_file_free
- bump gtk, glib and xfce dependencies
- make launch button translatable
- translation updates
2012-04-08 - gber@opensuse.org
- update to version 4.9.4
- add Help button to preferences dialog
- make sure the header icon does not shrink
- set single line label for icon sizes < "small"
- add option to disable the background service
- block maximize and fullscreen in collapsed mode
- chain-up unmap
- start in collapsed mode if xfrun4 symlink is used
- select entry when Ctrl+L is pressed
- quit the mainloop when receiving an exit signal
- avoid xfconf error when closing windows on quit
- add icon view mode and add preferences to set icon sizes
- only show categories with items
- add keybinds to switch modes (Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-2)
- improve reloading of items and directories
- add popup menu to edit, hide and revert desktop files
- add refcount debugging
- remove xfrun from the utility menu
- fix some segfaults
- add option to save custom command matches
- insert and reload history command in model
- change treeview filter prio to avoid window resize
- add left/right navigation to the treeviews
- add a custom completion match function
- use long option, looks better in code completion
- drop usage of new Gdk keycode api
- fix launching in collapsed mode
- don't ignore arguments of the desktop file command
- always allow up/down unless the completion menu is shown
- fix segfault when loading default actions
- rewrite of the the application finder to merge the
functionality of the appfinder as we know it in 4.8 and xfrun4
(start with --collapsed)
- Translation updates
2012-03-29 - gber@opensuse.org
- split off -lang subpackage
- corrected dependencies
- specfile cleanup
2011-02-17 - gber@opensuse.org
- call %desktop_database_post/un
- call %icon_theme_cache_post/un
2011-01-17 - gber@opensuse.org
- update to version 4.8.0
- no changes
2010-12-26 - gber@opensuse.org
- corrected license
- improved summary/description
- dropped unnecessary build dependencies
- show compiler output
- remove unsupported locales

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