ncdc - Lightweight Direct Connect Client

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Ncdc is a modern and lightweight direct connect client with a friendly ncurses


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Install Howto

  1. Add the Packman repository:
    # zypper addrepo packman
  2. Install ncdc rpm package:
    # zypper install ncdc




2016-05-08 -
- Update to version 1.19.1 - 2014-04-23
* Fix remote null pointer dereference
* Searching now works in the search results list
* Fix possible file corruption when moving file to destination
* Fix error handling when finalizing a file download
* Fix downloading of 0-byte files
* Fix extremely slow /gc
* Fix sendfile() with large files on 32-bit Linux
* Fix minor display issue with multicolumn characters
1.19 - 2014-02-11
* Add search functionality to the file browser and user list (/,. keys)
* Add geoip support (requires --with-geoip at configure)
* Add 'download_segment' setting to change minimum segment size
* Log hashing progress to stderr.log
* Fix three (potential) security vulnerabilities
* Fix downloading of file lists when other user has no free slots
1.18.1 - 2013-10-05
* Fix crash when downloading files from multiple sources
* Use the yxml library to parse files.xml.bz2 files
* Fix various XML conformance bugs in parsing files.xml.bz2 files
1.18 - 2013-09-25
* Add support for segmented downloading
* Support $MyINFO without flags byte on NMDC hubs
* Don't require pod2man on build
* Fix tab-completion of nick names when full nick is specified
* Fix cursor position on selected line in listings
* Fix bug with schema-less /connect
- Spec cleanup
2013-07-26 -
- update to 1.17:
* Add 'q' key to user list for matching a users' files with download queue
* Add transfers.log format documentation to manual page
* Consider non-alphanumeric characters as word separators in input line
* Fix outgoing UDP messages to respect local_address setting
* Fix Alt+Backspace on xterm-like terminals
* Fix handling of "." and ".." file/directory names in files.xml.bz2
* Fix possible crash when receiving unexpected encrypted search results
* Fix sendfile() handling to use fallback on EOVERFLOW
* Fix possible crash when logging UDP messages
2013-03-25 -
- update to 1.16:
* List of granted users is now remembered across restarts
* Don't throttle users who are granted a slot
* Support CIDs of variable size on ADC
* Log, but otherwise ignore, DSTA messages on ADC
* Fix possible crash with graceful disconnect on C-C connections
* Fix bug with enabling active mode when active_ip is set
* Fix reporting of active mode on NMDC hubs
* Fix bug with the 'X' key on the queue tab
* Fix idle disconnect timeout when a file transfer is active
- changes from 1.15:
* IPv6 support
* Significantly shorten certificate creation time with old GnuTLS versions
* Always enable tls_policy and sudp_policy by default
* Link against libgcrypt if detected GnuTLS is older than 3.0
* Add color_tab_active setting
* Remove active_tls_port setting
* Allow '-', '.' and '_' characters in hub names
* Allow spaces before a command
* Add Alt+backspace as alias for Ctrl+w
* Add throttle for 'CGET tthl' requests
* Don't throw away PMs from unknown users
* Recognize mode field in $MyINFO without tag
* Fix possible crash with C-C TLS and old GnuTLS versions
* Fix old references to the removed ncdc-db-upgrade utility
* Fix loading of file lists from Shareaza and earlier
* Fix handling of tab and carriage return in log window
* Fix changing of download_dir/incoming_dir if either dir has been deleted
* Fix compilation against glib < 2.26
* Fix unclean C-C TLS disconnect on timeout
2012-11-04 -
- update to 1.14:
* added BLOM support for ADC ('/hset adc_blom true' to enable it)
* added section on connection settings to man page
* fix incorrect char signedness assumption on ARM
* fix possible crash when downloading small files
* fix hub counts reported to the hub on login on ADC
* removed legacy ncdc-db-upgrade utility

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