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Rust is a systems programming language focused on three goals:
safety, speed, and concurrency. It maintains these goals without
having a garbage collector, making it a useful language for a
number of use cases other languages are not good at: embedding
in other languages, programs with specific space and time
requirements, and writing low-level code, like device drivers
and operating systems. It improves on current languages targeting
this space by having a number of compile-time safety checks
that produce no runtime overhead, while eliminating all
data races. Rust also aims to achieve "zero-cost abstractions",
even though some of these abstractions feel like those of a
high-level language. Even then, Rust still allows precise
control like a low-level language would.


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rust = 1.24.0-2.6.3
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Install Howto

Install rust rpm package:

# zypper install rust




2018-02-24 -
- Update to 1.24.0
- Language changes:
+ External `sysv64` ffi is now available.
eg. `extern "sysv64" fn foo () {}`
- Compiler changes:
+ rustc now uses 16 codegen units by default for release builds.
For the fastest builds, utilize `codegen-units=1`.
- Libraries:
+ `str::find::<char>` now uses memchr. This should lead to a 10x
improvement in performance in the majority of cases.
+ `time::{SystemTime, Instant}` now implement `Hash`.
+ impl `From<bool>` for `AtomicBool`
+ impl `From<{CString, &CStr}>` for `{Arc<CStr>, Rc<CStr>}`
+ impl `From<{OsString, &OsStr}>` for `{Arc<OsStr>, Rc<OsStr>}`
+ impl `From<{PathBuf, &Path}>` for `{Arc<Path>, Rc<Path>}`
+ float::from_bits now just uses transmute. This provides some
optimisations from LLVM.
+ Copied `AsciiExt` methods onto `char`
+ Remove `T: Sized` requirement on `ptr::is_null()`
+ impl `From<RecvError>` for `{TryRecvError, RecvTimeoutError}`
+ Optimised `f32::{min, max}` to generate more efficient x86
+ `[u8]::contains` now uses memchr which provides a 3x speed
- Compatibility Notes:
+ Floating point types `Debug` impl now always prints a decimal
+ `Ipv6Addr` now rejects superfluous `::`'s in IPv6 addresses
This is in accordance with IETF RFC 4291 ยง2.2.
+ Unwinding will no longer go past FFI boundaries, and will
instead abort.
+ `Formatter::flags` method is now deprecated. The `sign_plus`,
`sign_minus`, `alternate`, and `sign_aware_zero_pad` should be
used instead.
+ Leading zeros in tuple struct members is now an error
+ `column!()` macro is one-based instead of zero-based
+ `fmt::Arguments` can no longer be shared across threads
+ Access to `#[repr(packed)]` struct fields is now unsafe
+ Cargo sets a different working directory for the compiler
2018-02-19 -
- add update-config-guess.patch to update config.* from GNU to
support riscv64 without rpm patching it - as the patch also
updates the checksums while rpm does not
2018-01-23 -
- Format with spec-cleaner
- Use python3 to run the install/build script as python2 is being
phased out
- State exclusivearch for all of ix86 and then specify we build as
i686 which is bit more obvious
2018-01-22 -
- Update Cargo to v0.24.0
2018-01-22 -
- Add "Requires: %{name} to derived packages to fix derived
packages not being updated with rust (boo#1075883)

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