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Libgcrypt is a general purpose library of cryptographic building
blocks.  It is originally based on code used by GnuPG.  It does not
provide any implementation of OpenPGP or other protocols.  Thorough
understanding of applied cryptography is required to use Libgcrypt.
This package contains needed files to compile and link against the


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Install Howto

Install libgcrypt-devel rpm package:

# zypper install libgcrypt-devel




2017-07-26 -
- libgcrypt stored an open file descriptor to the random device in
a static variable between invocations.
gnome-keyring-daemon on initialization reopens descriptors 0-2
with /dev/null which caused an infinite loop when libgcrypt
attempted to read from the random device (bsc#1043333)
add libgcrypt-fips_no_static_fd_random.patch
2017-07-13 -
- Avoid seeding the DRBG during FIPS power-up selftests (bsc#1046659)
* don't call gcry_drbg_instantiate() in healthcheck sanity test to
save entropy
* turn off blinding for RSA decryption in selftests_rsa to avoid
allocation of a random integer
* add libgcrypt-fips_dont_seed_drbg_in_selftests.patch
- fix a bug in gcry_drbg_healthcheck_sanity() which caused skipping
some of the tests
* libgcrypt-fips_drbg_healthcheck_sanity_bug.patch (bsc#1046659#c4)
2017-07-04 -
- dlsym returns PLT address on s390x, dlopen before
calling dlsym (bsc#1047008)
* add libgcrypt-fips-use_dlopen_to_get_hmac_path.patch
2017-06-30 -
- Security fix [CVE-2017-7526, bsc#1046607]
* libgcrypt-CVE-2017-7526-1.6.1-2.patch
- Hardening against local side-channel attack
* libgcrypt-CVE-2017-7526-1.6.1-1.patch
- Factored code for function (secret) and added new functions
(secret_core_std, secret_core_crt) in cipher/rsa.c
2017-06-09 -
- Don't require secure memory for the fips selftests (bsc#931932)
* prevents "Oops, secure memory pool already initialized" warning
- modified libgcrypt-fips_run_selftest_at_constructor.patch
2017-06-02 -
- Added libgcrypt-secure-EdDSA-session-key.patch [bsc#1042326]
* Store the session key in secure memory to ensure that constant
time point operations are used in the MPI library.
2016-08-23 -
- Add libgcrypt-CVE-2016-6313-1.patch and
libgcrypt-CVE-2016-6313-2.patch (bsc#994157 CVE-2016-6313)
2016-05-17 -
- make the -hmac package depend on the same version of the library,
fixing bsc#979629 FIPS: system fails to reboot after installing
fips pattern
2016-04-04 -
- Add libgcrypt-CVE-2015-7511.patch (bsc#965902),
fixing side-channel attack on ECDH with Weierstrass curves
2016-03-15 -
- Update libgcrypt-bsc932232-avoid-drbg-crash-with-fips.patch
(bsc#970882). Fixes crashes with GPG key generation.

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