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The TUD-KOMA-Script bundle provides both classes and packages
in order to create LaTeX documents in the corporate design of
the Technische Universitat Dresden. It bases on the KOMA-Script
bundle, which must necessarily be present. In addition, the
PostScript font families Univers and DIN-Bold should be
installed. Otherwise, the document classes can admittedly be
used, but in this case, the created documents do not correspond
to the originally thought style. Employees and students of the
Technische Universitat Dresden can request these fonts via
https://tu-dresden.de/service/publizieren/cd/4_latex from the
university marketing with regard to the use of LaTeX. To
install the PostScript fonts, please refer to the corresponding
release under https://github.com/tud-
cd/tudscr/releases/tag/fonts and the LaTeX forum of the
Technische Universitat Dresden: http://latex.wcms-file3.tu-
dresden.de/phpBB3/index.php The bundle offers: the three
document classes tudscrartcl, tudscrreprt and tudscrbook which
serve as wrapper classes for scrartcl, scrreprt and scrbook.
the package tudscrsupervisor providing environments and macros
to create tasks, evaluations and notices for scientific theses,
the package tudscrfonts, which makes the corporate design fonts
of the Technische Universitat Dresden available for LaTeX
standard classes and KOMA-Script classes, the package mathswap
for swapping math delimiters within numbers (similar to
ionumbers), and the package twocolfix for fixing the
positioning bug of headings in two column layout, a
comprehensive user documentation as well as several tutorials.
date: 2016-03-26 16:16:49 +0000


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coreutils -
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grep -
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1
rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1
rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) <= 4.4.6-1
sed -
tex(auto-pst-pdf.sty) -
tex(babel.sty) -
tex(bookmark.sty) -
tex(booktabs.sty) -
tex(chngcntr.sty) -
tex(dox.sty) -
tex(ellipsis.sty) -
tex(enumitem.sty) -
tex(environ.sty) -
tex(etoolbox.sty) -
tex(filecontents.sty) -
tex(filemod.sty) -
tex(fontspec.sty) -
tex(geometry.sty) -
tex(graphicx.sty) -
tex(hologo.sty) -
tex(hyperref.sty) -
tex(hyphsubst.sty) -
tex(ifpdf.sty) -
tex(ifplatform.sty) -
tex(imakeidx.sty) -
tex(isodate.sty) -
tex(kvsetkeys.sty) -
tex(listings.sty) -
tex(lmodern.sty) -
tex(marginnote.sty) -
tex(mweights.sty) -
tex(pdfpages.sty) -
tex(quoting.sty) -
tex(ragged2e.sty) -
tex(scrbase.sty) -
tex(scrextend.sty) -
tex(scrhack.sty) -
tex(scrwfile.sty) -
tex(setspace.sty) -
tex(silence.sty) -
tex(tabularx.sty) -
tex(textcase.sty) -
tex(textcomp.sty) -
tex(tikz.sty) -
tex(todonotes.sty) -
tex(trimspaces.sty) -
tex(units.sty) -
tex(varioref.sty) -
tex(xcolor.sty) -
tex(xparse.sty) -
tex(xspace.sty) -
texlive >= 2016


Name Value
tex(mathswap.sty) -
tex(tudscrartcl.cls) -
tex(tudscrbase.sty) -
tex(tudscrbook.cls) -
tex(tudscrcolor.sty) -
tex(tudscrcomp.sty) -
tex(tudscrdoc.cls) -
tex(tudscrfonts.sty) -
tex(tudscrman.cls) -
tex(tudscrman.sty) -
tex(tudscrreprt.cls) -
tex(tudscrsupervisor.sty) -
tex(twocolfix.sty) -
texlive-tudscr = 2016.122.2.04dsvn40147-24.4


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Install Howto

Install texlive-tudscr rpm package:

# zypper install texlive-tudscr

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