texlive-totpages - Count pages in a document, and report last page number

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Distribution openSUSE Leap 42.3
Repository openSUSE Oss all
Package name texlive-totpages
Package version 2016.122.2.00svn15878
Package release 23.4
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 7.49 KB
Download size 18.55 KB
Official Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
The package counts the actual pages in the document (as opposed
to reporting the number of the last page, as does lastpage).
The counter itself may be shipped out to the DVI file. The
package uses the everyshi package for its task.
date: 2015-08-03 03:43:12 +0000


Package Version Architecture Repository
texlive-totpages - - -


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coreutils -
findutils -
grep -
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1
rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1
rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) <= 4.4.6-1
sed -
tex(everyshi.sty) -
tex(keyval.sty) -
texlive >= 2016


Name Value
tex(totpages.sty) -
texlive-totpages = 2016.122.2.00svn15878-23.4


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Binary Package texlive-totpages-2016.122.2.00svn15878-23.4.noarch.rpm
Source Package texlive-specs-w-2016-23.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install texlive-totpages rpm package:

# zypper install texlive-totpages

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