libqwt6 - Shared library for Qt4 Widgets

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Package name libqwt6
Package version 6.1.3
Package release 4.4
Package architecture x86_64
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This package contains the shared library to run Technical Applications
developed with/for Qwt(Qt4).


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libqwt6-6.1.2-6.1.x86_64.rpm 6.1.2 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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libqwt6 = 6.1.3-4.4
libqwt6(x86-64) = 6.1.3-4.4
qwt6 = 6.1.3


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qwt6 < 6.1.3


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Binary Package libqwt6-6.1.3-4.4.x86_64.rpm
Source Package qwt6-6.1.3-4.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the openSUSE Network Utilities repository:
    # zypper addrepo opensuse-network-utilities
  2. Install libqwt6 rpm package:
    # zypper install libqwt6




2017-08-05 -
- Fixed manpages conflict with qwt5
2017-07-26 -
- Remove _tmp manpages
- Dropped
2017-07-25 -
- Remove _multibuild prior to Factory submission
2017-05-30 -
- Build qwt6-qt5 as separate package
* add qwt6-qt5.spec
* add qwt6-qt5.changes
* add qwt-qt5.patch
(thanks to awissu and other contributors of the KDE:Qt5 package)
- Refreshed qwt-rpath.patch as qwt-6.1.3-rpath.patch
- Create and install pc files for pkg-config:
* add qwt-6.1.3-pkgconfig.patch
- Use mkspecs directory
* add qwt-6.1.3-mkspecs.patch
- Use sover macro
- Build the examples modules
- Renamed the libqwt6 package as libqwt-qt%%sover
- Use license macro on openSUSE >= 42.2
- Add man page
- Added to keep .changes files in sync
- Spec cleanup
2016-09-29 -
- Update to version 6.1.3
* QwtPlotMagnifier, QwtPlotZoomer: handling of non linear
transformations ( f.e logarithmic )
* Date/Time scales fixed
QwtDate::ceil(), QwtDate::weekNumber(), QwtDate::utcOffset()
QwtDateScaleEngine fixed when aligning to months
* QwtPlotLayout: layout bug for legends witdh visisble
scrollbars fixed
* Plot items
hiding QwtPlotLegendItem without entries
QwtPlotShapeItem render code fixed
* QwtPlotGLCanvas
slightly improved, nevertheless better use Qwt 6.2 when being
interested in OpenGL
* Other
QwtGraphic boundingRect updates fixed
QwtSyntheticPointData::x() fixed
QwtLogScaleEngine::divideScale ignoring stepSize parameter
for ranges below one "decade"
QwtPlotAbstractBarChart::getCanvasMarginHint fixed
- Fixed source URL
2015-02-04 -
- Update to Qwt 6.1.2
* fixes at QwtPlot, color maps, controls and scales.
- Removed Mandriva support.
- Renamed qwt-6.1.0-rpath.patch to qwt-rpath.patch
because upstream doesn't want merge it. Updated.
2013-08-12 -
- qwt6-designer is now conflicting with qwt-designer.
2013-08-09 -
- Update to Qwt 6.1.0
* New plot items
* Scales beyond linear and logarithmic transformations
* Datetime scales
* Redesign of the dial and meter widgets
* Basic support for an OpenGL plot canvas
* A new system for plot legends
* Off-screen paint device for vector graphics
* Changes and improvements to several classes
- Added qwt-6.1.0-rpath.patch to prevent
- Qmake debug info stripping was disabled.
2013-01-28 -
- Update to Qwt 6.0.2
* qwtfunctions.pri added
* QwtPlotDict::detachItems fixed
* QwtWeedingCurveFitter::fitCurve performance improvements
* QwtDynGridLayout fixed for non widget items
* QwtInterval: avoid annoying compiler warning
* Autoscaling of curves without points fixed
* QwtPlotDirectPainter::drawSeries bad translation removed
* QwtPlotIntervalCurve: drawing of symbols fixed
* QwtPlotlayout: minor layout bufs fixed
* Usage of QwtPlotRasterItem::pixelHint fixed
* QwtPlotRenderer: several minor fixes
* QwtRasterData: CONREC algorithm fixed
* QwtThermo: layout code fixed
* QwtThermo: memory leak fixed
* QwtMmlDocument: compiler issues
* Logarithmic autoscaler fixed for intervals close below a decade
2012-11-20 -
- Fix the SLES build (%make_install is not expanded on SLES)

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