sat4j - A library of SAT solvers written in Java

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Package version 2.3.2
Package release 46.1
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The aim of the SAT4J library is to provide an efficient library of SAT
solvers in Java. The SAT4J library targets first users of SAT "black
boxes", those willing to embed SAT technologies into their application
without worrying about the details.


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sat4j-2.3.2-14.1.noarch.rpm 2.3.2 noarch openSUSE Oss
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java -


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sat4j = 2.3.2-46.1


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Binary Package sat4j-2.3.2-46.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package sat4j-2.3.2-46.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the JAVA repository:
    # zypper addrepo java
  2. Install sat4j rpm package:
    # zypper install sat4j




2017-09-20 -
- Added patches:
* sat4j-sourcetarget.patch
+ make the java source and target level consistent with what
is specified on command-line
+ specify the UTF-8 encoding of the source files
* sat4j-manifest.patch
+ fix rpmlint warning about Class-path in manifest
+ remove all mentions of Class-path from MANIFEST.MF files
2017-05-21 -
- Remove un-needed dependencies
2014-06-27 -
- Fix build on SLE11
2013-09-09 -
- Move from jpackage-utils to javapackage-tools
2012-10-18 -
- Update to 2.3.2 version :
* Bug [SAT-55] Fix memory leak in case of repeated use of Sat4j in an application
* Bug [SAT-60] ClassCastException when a class implements Propagatable but not Constr watches a conflicting literal
* Improvement [SAT-38] Investigate usage of plain CNF rather than custom cardinality of PB constraints
* Improvement [SAT-59] Use instead of package.html for package JavaDoc
* Improvement [SAT-67] Concurrent calls to isSatisfiable
* New Feature [SAT-56] Allow the end user to visualize the search of the solvers
* New Feature [SAT-63] Make Java 1.5 binaries instead of 1.4
* New Feature [SAT-71] Add statistics in ManyCore solvers on the solvers that answers
* Sub-task    [SAT-51] Allow usage of Lower Bounding on Sat4j PB command line
2012-06-18 -
- fix a build with jdk7 (-Dtarget)
2009-07-29 -
- Don't use release date to make number of Factory rebuilds smaller
2009-06-02 -
- Initial packaging of sat4j 2.0.3 in openSUSE

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