spice-client - SPICE client

Distribution: openSUSE 42.2
Repository: openSUSE Update Oss all
Package name: spice-client
Package version: 0.12.7
Package release: 3.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 42.33 KB
Download size: 26.73 KB
Official Mirror: ftp.gwdg.de
The SPICE client provides access to a remote machine's display and devices.



  • spice-client = 0.12.7-3.1
  • spice-client(x86-64) = 0.12.7-3.1


    Install Howto

    Install spice-client rpm package:

    # zypper install spice-client


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    2017-02-02 - psimons@suse.com - Added patches to fix two security vulnerabilities. * CVE-2016-9577-buffer-overflow-in-main_channel_alloc_msg_rcv_buf.patch [CVE-2016-9577, bsc#1023078] * CVE-2016-9578-remote-dos-via-crafted-message.patch [CVE-2016-9578, bsc#1023079]

    2016-06-02 - cbosdonnat@suse.com - Fixes for bsc#982385 / CVE-2016-0749 and bsc#982386 / CVE-2016-2150 CVE-2016-0749-smartcard-add-a-ref-to-item-before-adding-to-pipe.patch CVE-2016-0749-smartcard-allocate-msg-with-the-expected-size.patch CVE-2016-2150-create-a-function-to-validate-surface-parameters.patch CVE-2016-2150-improve-primary-surface-parameter-checks.patch

    2016-04-15 - cbosdonnat@suse.com - Update to version 0.12.7 (fate#320079) + spice-server will now send TCP keepalive probes on the TCP connections it uses. This can prevent unwanted idle disconnections if proxies are used between the client and the host. + Fix important memory usage when the webdav channel is used + Do not disconnect when the client requests an unsupported compression type + Fix a few race conditions + Fix display glitch when using XSpice + Improve help string for 'replay -s' + Fix crashes in corner cases (buggy spice-html5 + win10, vnc + SPICE port configured, USB webcam redirection over a slow link) + Fix various compilation warning when building on 32 bit machines + Some fixes for big-endian machines, more work is likely to be needed + Do not build static libraries by default, this can be reenabled with --enable-static + Fix small leak in MJPEG code

    2015-10-06 - cbosdonnat@suse.com - Update to version 0.12.6 + Removed spicec client code, it has been superseded by remote-viewer and other spice-gtk based clients + Unix socket support + Let clients specify their preferred image compression format + Allow to record and replay a spice-server session + Fixes for CVE-2015-3247 CVE-2015-5260 and CVE-2015-5261 bsc#944787, bsc#948976 + spice-protocol submodule has been removed, spice-protocol must now be installed when building spice-server + Remove write polling in chardevs to reduce wakeups - Remove upstream merged patches: + spice-Don-t-use-48kHz-for-playback-recording-rates.patch + password-length-check.patch + cve-2015-3247.patch - Replace xorg-x11-devel buildrequire by selected pkgconfig(xlibs..)

    2015-09-07 - cbosdonnat@suse.com - bsc#944460: fix CVE-2015-3247. cve-2015-3247.patch

    2015-06-05 - cbosdonnat@suse.com - Don't allow setting password longer than what the spice protocol allows. password-length-check.patch. boo#931044 - Update to version 0.12.5: + Added Opus support. Celt support will be obsoleted in a future release. + Addition of webdav channel. + Force use of TLS 1.0 or newer for TLS connections. + Reference manual. + Some optimizations improving CPU use. + Various bug fixes for race conditions, memory corruption, which could be triggered on client disconnections, migration, and cause spice-server to misbehave. + Portability fixes. + Code cleanups. - Add pkconfig(opus) BuildRequires: Needed to build new opus support. - Add spice-Don-t-use-48kHz-for-playback-recording-rates.patch: Fix advertised sound playback/recording rates in public headers (rh#1129961). - Run spec-clean on spec file, remove conditionals for obsolete versions of openSUSE, enable parallel build and drop obsolete clean section. - Drop now useless patches: + 8af61900-cve-2013-4282-fix.patch + spice-glibc217.patch - Replace xorg-x11-devel buildrequire by selected pkgconfig(xlibs..)

    2015-04-01 - cbosdonnat@suse.com - bsc#848279: fix CVE-2013-4282. 8af61900-cve-2013-4282-fix.patch

    2014-09-02 - cbosdonnat@suse.com - bnc#894069: disable smartcard support