python-libpfm - Python bindings for libpfm and perf_event_open system call

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Distribution openSUSE Leap 42.2
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Package name python-libpfm
Package version 4.6.0
Package release 7.1
Package architecture x86_64
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This package provides python bindings for the libpfm4 package and the perf_event_open system call.


Package Version Architecture Repository
python-libpfm-4.6.0-5.5.x86_64.rpm 4.6.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
python-libpfm - - -


Name Value - -
libpfm4 = 4.6.0 - -
python(abi) = 2.7


Name Value -
python-libpfm = 4.6.0-7.1
python-libpfm(x86-64) = 4.6.0-7.1


Type URL
Binary Package python-libpfm-4.6.0-7.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package libpfm-4.6.0-7.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install python-libpfm rpm package:

# zypper install python-libpfm




2016-12-28 -
- Package useful utilities (check_events. evt2raw and showevtinfo)
in devel package. Backport from Factory. (bnc#1017407)
2015-03-13 -
- Version bump to 4.6.0 fate#318068:
* Intel Broadwell (desktop core)
* Intel Haswell-EP (core)
* Applied Micro X-Gene processor
* ARM A53 processor
* Intel SNB, IVB, HSW event table updates
* IBM Power8 event table updates
* improved Intel x86 model detection
* bug fixes and many other improvements
- Cleanup with spec-cleaner
- Drop obsolete patch:
* libpfm-add-ibm-power8-support.patch
- Remove with_python switch that always evaluated as true
* If the need is really here it should be used as %bcond_without
2015-02-16 -
- Update to version 4.5.0
* Intel IVB-EP uncore PMU support
* Intel Silvermont support
* Perf raw event syntax support
* Intel RAPL event support
* AMD Fam15h northbridge support
* Qualcomm Krait support
* IBM Power 8 support
* IBM s390 updates
* AMD Fam15h fixes
* various IVB, SNB, HSW event table updates
* more bug fixes
2014-01-09 -
- Add Power8 support (libpfm-add-ibm-power8-support.patch) FATE#315274
2013-12-04 -
- Update to version 4.4.
- Changelog:
- Intel SandyBridge-EP uncore PMU support (all boxes)
- Intel IvyBridge desktop core and uncore PMU support
- Intel IvyBridge-EP core PMU support
- newer Intel Haswell desktop core PMU support
- newer Intel Atom
- Intel Knigts Corner
- Intel Nehalem, Westmere, SandyBridge, IvyBridge, Haswell PEBS Load Latency
modifier (ldlat)
- many bug fixes and other minor improvements
2013-01-28 -
- Add baselibs.conf: provide libpfm4 as -32bit (makes papi-32bit
2013-01-09 -
- Run service to format spec file.
- Small cosmetic changes in spec file.
2013-01-08 -
- Changes to python builds, drop duplicate defns already in system macros.
- Fix build when with_python=0
2013-01-04 -
- Parallel build, remove redundant %clean section, consistent use
of %buildroot
- Follow python package naming guidelines
- Separate out static library into distinct subpackage
2012-12-29 -
- Initial checkin of libpfm4 (version 4.3).

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