mcelog - Log Machine Check Events

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Package version 1.20
Package release 5.3.1
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mcelog retrieves machine check events from an x86-64 kernel in a cron
job, decodes them, and logs them to /var/log/mcelog.
A machine check event is a hardware error detected by the CPU.
It should run on any x86-64 system.
In addition, it allows decoding machine check kernel panic messages.
Andi Kleen <>


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mcelog-1.20-4.5.x86_64.rpm 1.20 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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config(mcelog) = 1.20-5.3.1
mcelog = 1.20-5.3.1
mcelog(x86-64) = 1.20-5.3.1


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mcelog = 1.1


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Binary Package mcelog-1.20-5.3.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package mcelog-1.20-5.3.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install mcelog rpm package:

# zypper install mcelog




2017-07-06 -
- Still start server, even if socket file still exists (bsc#1011385):
A    mcelog_does_not_start.patch
2015-06-15 -
- Update to latest v120 git tag and name the version 1.20:
New supported CPUs:
- Add model number for Broadwell-DE
- Added Knights Landing (Xeon Phi)
- Add all current Atom cpuids
- Support Broadwell-U
- New manpages: mcelog.conf.5 and mcelog.triggers.5
And quite some undocumented bugfixes, see git log for details
2015-01-23 -
- Update to version 1.0.8
- Remove patch which got integrated mainline:
- Fix possible security issue, build service complained about:
Add fix_setgroups_missing_call.patch
2014-11-14 -
- While not yet defined, the tmpfiles_create macro takes
an argument for it to actually work
2014-09-20 -
- mcelog.tmpfiles, mcelog-socket-path.patch, move socket
and pid file to /run/mcelog directory.
This update may require reboot as the relevant rpm macro
tmpfiles_create is not yet in any product.
2014-09-03 -
- Fixed the architecture tag to %{ix86} as suggested by:
Andreas Vetter <>
2014-09-03 -
- fixed the architecture tag to %ix86
2014-07-11 -
- Fixed license, GPL-2.0
2014-06-27 -
- Added: 0001-Continue-without-dmi-when-no-SMBIOS-or-SMBIOS-0x0-in.patch
Continue without dmi when no SMBIOS or SMBIOS=0x0 in /sys/firmware/efi/systab, bnc#829862
2014-05-16 -
- Add mce decoding support for latest AMD CPUs (bnc#871881).
- Implementation done by Borislav Petkov <>
* Add patches/Start-consolidating-AMD-specific-stuff.patch
* Add add-defines.patch
* Add add-f10h-support.patch
* Add add-f11h-support.patch
* Add add-f12h-support.patch
* Add add-f14h-support.patch
* Add add-f15h-support.patch
* Add add-f16h-support.patch

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