libxml2-devel-32bit - Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development

Distribution: openSUSE 42.2
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Package name: libxml2-devel-32bit
Package version: 2.9.4
Package release: 3.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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This package contains all necessary include files and libraries needed to develop applications that require these.


  • libxml2-devel-32bit = 2.9.4-3.1
  • libxml2-devel-32bit(x86-32) = 2.9.4-3.1


    Install Howto

    Install libxml2-devel-32bit rpm package:

    # zypper install libxml2-devel-32bit


    • /usr/lib/
    • /usr/lib/
    • /usr/lib/baselibs-32bit/
    • /usr/lib/baselibs-32bit/bin/xml2-config


    2017-01-09 - - Security fix * libxml2-CVE-2016-9597.patch * Stack overflow before detecting invalid XML file * [bnc#1017497, CVE-2016-9597]

    2016-12-14 - - Security fix * libxml2-CVE-2016-9318.patch * XML External Entity vulnerability, as this would be an invasive fix, a new flag has been added to disable the feature if not need. * [bnc#1010675,bnc#1013930] * libxml2-2.9.4-CVE-2016-4658.patch * use-after-free error * [bnc#1005544] - Fix NULL dereference in xpointer.c when in recovery mode * libxml2-NULL-deref-xpointer.patch * [bnc#1014873] - Fix NULL dereference in xmlDumpElementContent when in recovery mode * libxml2-NULL-deref-xmlDumpElementContent.patch * [bnc#1014873] - Fix infinite recursion in xmlParseConditionalSections when in recovery mode * libxml2-inf-rec-xmlParseConditionalSections.patch * [bnc#1014873]

    2016-06-08 - - add libxml2-2.9.4-fix_attribute_decoding.patch to fix attribute decoding during XML schema validation [bnc#983288]

    2016-05-27 - - Update libxml2 to version libxml2-2.9.4. The new version is resistant against CVE-2016-3627, CVE-2016-1833, CVE-2016-1835, CVE-2016-1837, CVE-2016-1836, CVE-2016-1839, CVE-2016-1838, CVE-2016-1840, CVE-2016-4483, CVE-2016-1834, CVE-2016-3705, and CVE-2016-1762. - Remove obsolete patches libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2016-3627.patch and 0001-Add-missing-increments-of-recursion-depth-counter-to.patch.

    2016-05-03 - - Add libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2016-3627.patch to fix stack exhaustion while parsing certain XML files in recovery mode (CVE-2016-3627, bnc#972335). - Add 0001-Add-missing-increments-of-recursion-depth-counter-to.patch to improve protection against Billion Laughs Attack (bnc#975947).

    2016-04-15 - - Update to GNOME 3.20 Fate#318572 - Drop 0001-Fix-a-regression-in-xmlGetDocCompressMode.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-1819.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-5312.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-7497.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-7498.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-7499.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-7500.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-7941.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-7942.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-8035.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-8241.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-8242.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-8317.patch, libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-8710.patch: fixed upstream.

    2016-01-12 - - add libxml2-2.9.1-CVE-2015-8710.patch to fix parsing short unclosed comment uninitialized access [bnc#960674], [CVE-2015-8710]