libseccomp2-32bit - An enhanced Seccomp (mode 2) helper library

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Package name: libseccomp2-32bit
Package version: 2.3.1
Package release: 3.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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The libseccomp library provides and easy to use, platform independent, interface to the Linux Kernel's syscall filtering mechanism: seccomp. The libseccomp API is designed to abstract away the underlying BPF based syscall filter language and present a more conventional function-call based filtering interface that should be familiar to, and easily adopted by application developers.



  • libseccomp2-32bit = 2.3.1-3.1
  • libseccomp2-32bit(x86-32) = 2.3.1-3.1


    Install Howto

    Install libseccomp2-32bit rpm package:

    # zypper install libseccomp2-32bit


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    2017-01-13 - - updated to 2.3.1 release. (FATE#321647 bsc#1019900) - Fixed a problem with 32-bit x86 socket syscalls on some systems - Fixed problems with ipc syscalls on 32-bit x86 - Fixed problems with socket and ipc syscalls on s390 and s390x

    2016-03-23 - - updated to final 2.3.0 release. (FATE#318471) - 0001-build-use-autotools-as-build-system.patch libseccomp-s390x-support.patch: dropped, upstream - builderror-k316.diff: fixed upstream - no-static.diff: do not build static libraries

    2016-02-24 - - Update to git snapshot 2.3.0~g96 * have libseccomp build with newer linux-glibc-devel; "multiplexed and direct socket syscalls" - Drop libseccomp-s390x-support.patch, libseccomp-ppc64le.patch (no longer apply - merged upstream) - Add builderror-k316.diff

    2015-09-25 - - Add baselibs.conf: systemd-32bit-224+ links against

    2015-08-31 - - Update to new upstream release 2.2.3 * Fix a problem with the masked equality operator * Fix a problem on x86_64/x32 involving invalid architectures * Fix a problem with the ARM specific syscalls

    2015-06-18 - - 0001-build-use-autotools-as-build-system.patch: adjust the pkgconfig reported version from 2.1.0 to the correct 2.1.1 (bsc#932372)

    2015-05-30 - - Update to new upstream release 2.2.1 * Fix a problem with syscall argument filtering on 64-bit systems * Fix some problems with the 32-bit ARM syscall table - Drop 0001-tools-add-the-missing-elf.h-header-file.patch, libseccomp-arm-syscall-fixes.patch (applied upstream)

    2015-04-13 - - Fix ppc64le build: libseccomp-ppc64le.patch

    2014-03-05 - - libseccomp-s390x-support.patch: support s390,s390x,ppc,ppc64,ppc64le too. bnc#866526 (arm64 not yet done) - disabled testsuite on the new platforms, as there are still some failures. s390: passed: 2492 / failed: 915 / errored: 25 s390x: passed: 2492 / failed: 915 / errored: 25 ppc64le: passed: 4032 / failed: 0 / errored: 0

    2013-06-18 - - Update to new upstream release 2.1.0 * Add support for the x32 and ARM architectures * More verbose PFC output, including translation of syscall numbers to names * Several assorted bugfixes affecting the seccomp BPF generation * The syscall number/name resolver tool is now installed * Fixes for the x86 multiplexed syscalls * Additions to the API to better support non-native architecures * Additions to the API to support multiple architecures in one filter * Additions to the API to resolve syscall name/number mappings - Remove 0001-build-use-ac-variables-in-pkgconfig-file.patch (merged into 0001-build-use-autotools-as-build-system.patch)