libgit2-24 - C git library

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Package name: libgit2-24
Package version: 0.24.1
Package release: 6.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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libgit2 is a portable, pure C implementation of the Git core methods provided as a re-entrant linkable library with a solid API, allowing you to write native speed custom Git applications in any language with bindings.



  • libgit2-24 = 0.24.1-6.1
  • libgit2-24(x86-64) = 0.24.1-6.1


    Install Howto

    Install libgit2-24 rpm package:

    # zypper install libgit2-24


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    2017-01-30 - - Fix bsc#1019037 and bsc#1019036. Add libgit2-check-cert-validity.patch CVE-2016-10130 Add libgit2-perform-badssl-check.patch CVE-2017-5338 Add libgit2-verify-packet-length.patch CVE-2016-10128 Add libgit2-empty-lines-as-errors.patch CVE-2016-10129 Add libgit2-expected-error.patch and libgit2-dont-test-rc4.patch CVE-2017-5339

    2016-11-21 - - Add libgit2-init-commit-message.patch and libgit2-validate-name-length.patch. Fix bsc#1003810. CVE-2016-8568, CVE-2016-8569

    2016-05-09 - - Add to the SDK. Fate#319349 - Update license to GPL-2.0 WITH GCC-exception-2.0

    2016-04-20 - - libgit2 0.24.1: + various compatible backported bug fixes

    2016-03-16 - - Update to version 0.24.0: + Custom filters can now be registered with wildcard attributes, for example filter=*. Consumers should examine the attributes parameter of the check function for details. + Symlinks are now followed when locking a file, which can be necessary when multiple worktrees share a base repository. + You can now set your own user-agent to be sent for HTTP requests by using the GIT_OPT_SET_USER_AGENT with git_libgit2_opts(). + You can set custom HTTP header fields to be sent along with requests by passing them in the fetch and push options. + Tree objects are now assumed to be sorted. If a tree is not correctly formed, it will give bad results. This is the git approach and cuts a significant amount of time when reading the trees. + Filter registration is now protected against concurrent registration. + Filenames which are not valid on Windows in an index no longer cause to fail to parse it on that OS. + Rebases can now be performed purely in-memory, without touching the repository's workdir. + When adding objects to the index, or when creating new tree or commit objects, the inputs are validated to ensure that the dependent objects exist and are of the correct type. This object validation can be disabled with the GIT_OPT_ENABLE_STRICT_OBJECT_CREATION option. + The WinHTTP transport's handling of bad credentials now behaves like the others, asking for credentials again. + Various API changes (additions AND removals). - Rename libgit2-23 subpackage to libgit2-24, following upstraems soname bump (also in baselibs.conf).

    2015-11-30 - - libgit2 0.23.4: * various bug fixes and improvements - drop upstreamed libgit2-fix-.pc-file.patch

    2015-10-07 - - libgit2 0.23.3, containing critical fixes: * blame: guard xdiff calls for large files * diff: don't feed large files to xdiff * merge_file: treat large files as binary * xdiff: convert size variables to size_t * GITERR_CHECK_ALLOC_ADDn: multi-arg adders

    2015-09-10 - - Add libgit2-fix-.pc-file.patch: Fix paths written in libgit2.pc.

    2015-09-07 - - libgit2 0.23.2: * documentation fixes * diff: don't error out on an invalid regex * http: propagate the credentials callback's error code * Fix bug in git_smart__push: push_transfer_progress cb is never called * remote: don't confuse tag auto-follow rules with refspec matching * curl: use the most secure auth method for the proxy * Forcing libssh2 lib location * fix duplicate basenames to support older VS - includes changes from 0.23.1: * Stage an unregistered submodule in _add_bypath() * filebuf: remove lockfile upon rename errors * Increase required version of cmake to 2.8 * Handle ssh:// and git:// urls containing a '~' character. * documentation updates * submodule URL handling fixes * index: allow add_bypath to update submodules * blob: fail to create a blob from a dir with EDIRECTORY * submodule: lookup the submodule by path if available * submdule: reproduce double-reporting of a submodule in foreach - note cmake requirement and use cmake makros - build with system libcurl - build with system http-parser