libarchive13-32bit - Library to work with several different streaming archive formats

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Libarchive is a programming library that can create and read several
different streaming archive formats, including most popular tar
variants and several cpio formats. It can also write shar archives and
read ISO9660 CDROM images. The bsdtar program is an implementation of
tar(1) that is built on top of libarchive. It started as a test
harness, but has grown and is now the standard system tar for FreeBSD 5
and 6.
The libarchive library offers a number of features that make it both
very flexible and very powerful.
- Automatic format detection: libarchive can automatically determine
both the compression and the archive format, regardless of the
data source. Most tar implementations do not automatically detect
the compression format, few implementation that can correctly do
this when reading from stdin or a socket. (The tar program
included with Gunnar Ritter's heirloom collection also does full
automatic format detection.)
- Writes POSIX formats: libarchive writes POSIX-standard formats,
including "ustar," "pax interchange format," and the POSIX "cpio"
- Supports pax interchange format: Pax interchange format (which,
despite the name, is really an extended tar format) eliminates
almost all limitations of historic tar formats and provides a
standard method for incorporating vendor-specific extensions.
libarchive exploits this extension mechanism to support ACLs and
file flags, for example. (Joerg Schilling's star archiver is
another open-source tar program that supports pax interchange
- Reads popular formats: libarchive can read GNU tar, ustar, pax
interchange format, cpio, and older tar variants. The internal
architecture is easily extensible. The only requirement for
support is that it be possible to read the format without seeking
in the file. (For example, a format that includes a compressed
size field before the data cannot be correctly written without
- High-Level API: the libarchive API makes it fairly simple to build
an archive from a list of filenames or to extract the entries
from an archive. However, the API also provides extreme
flexibility with regards to data sources. For example, there are
generic hooks that allow you to write an archive to a socket or
read data from an archive entry into a memory buffer.
- Extensible. The internal design uses generic interfaces for
compression, archive format detection and decoding, and archive data
I/O. It should be very easy to add new formats, new compression
methods, or new ways of reading/writing archives.


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Install Howto

Install libarchive13-32bit rpm package:

# zypper install libarchive13-32bit




2016-10-18 -
- CVE-2016-8687.patch: bsc#1005070
CVE-2016-8689.patch: bsc#1005072
CVE-2016-8688.patch: bsc#1005076
CVE-2016-5844.patch: bsc#986566, upstream issue 717
CVE-2015-8915.patch: bsc#985691, upstream issue 502
CVE-2016-6250.patch: bsc#989980, upstream issue 711
CVE-2016-5418.patch: bsc#998677, upstream issues 744, 745 and 746
rename directory-traversal-fix.patch to CVE-2015-2304.patch
2016-06-21 -
- Adding more security fixes:
CVE-2015-8924.patch: bsc#985609, upstream issue 515
CVE-2015-8932.patch: bsc#985665, upstream issue 547
CVE-2015-8929.patch: bsc#985669, upstream issue 517
CVE-2015-8934.patch: bsc#985673, upstream issue 521
CVE-2015-8920.patch: bsc#985675, upstream issue 511
CVE-2015-8928.patch: bsc#985679, upstream issue 550
CVE-2015-8921.patch: bsc#985682, upstream issue 512
CVE-2015-8922.patch: bsc#985685, upstream issue 513
CVE-2015-8933.patch: bsc#985688, upstream issue 548 & 582
- lacks test cases since they need new support functions
CVE-2015-8931.patch: bsc#985689, upstream issue 539
CVE-2015-8916.patch: bsc#985694, upstream issue 504
CVE-2015-8918.patch. bsc#985698, upstream issue 506
CVE-2015-8919.patch: bsc#985697, upstream issue 510
CVE-2015-8930.patch: bsc#985700, upstream issue 522
CVE-2015-8923.patch: bsc#985703, upstream issue 514
CVE-2015-8926.patch: bsc#985704, upstream issue 518
CVE-2015-8925.patch: bsc#985706, upstream issue 516
CVE-2016-4300.patch: bsc#985832
CVE-2016-4301.patch, CVE-2016-4301-base.patch: bsc#985826, upstream issue 523
CVE-2016-4302.patch: bsc#985835, upstream issue 718
2016-06-16 -
- limit size of symlinks in cpio archives (CVE-2016-4809, bsc#984990)
2016-05-09 -
- Fix CVE-2016-1541 (bsc#979005)
2015-03-05 -
- fix a directory traversal in cpio tool (bnc#920870) CVE-2015-2304
2014-11-11 -
- Added CVE-2013-0211.patch to fix CVE-2013-0211 (bnc#800024)
2013-11-24 -
- add optional -static-devel library package, intended to publish pixz
for CentOS / RHEL, default off
- skip some dependencies not required for pixz on CentOS / RHEL
2013-08-20 -
- remove artificial dependencies on libacl-devel, libbz2-devel,
zlib-devel from libarchive-devel.
2013-08-19 -
- libarchive-openssl.patch: Call OPENSSL_config where needed,
otherwise on systems configured to use openSSL engines such
as via-padlock wont benefit from hardware acceleration.
2013-08-16 -
- update to 3.1.2
This is a maintenance update to fix issues with the new RAR
seeking feature.
- libarchive's new website moved to

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