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Package name: kiconthemes-devel-32bit
Package version: 5.26.0
Package release: 3.1
Package architecture: x86_64
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This library contains classes to improve the handling of icons in applications using the KDE Frameworks. Development files.



  • kiconthemes-devel-32bit = 5.26.0-3.1
  • kiconthemes-devel-32bit(x86-32) = 5.26.0-3.1

    Install Howto

    Install kiconthemes-devel-32bit rpm package:

    # zypper install kiconthemes-devel-32bit


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    2017-01-20 - - Add Support-non-integer-scale-factors-in-kiconengine.patch to make icons sharper (not blurry) with non-integer scale factors (boo#1006651, kde#366451)

    2017-01-19 - - Add fix-changing-icon-theme.patch to make running applications detect changing the configured icon theme and as a result not adding wrong icons to the cache (boo#1000519, kde#365363)

    2016-09-06 - - Update to 5.26.0 * For more details please see:

    2016-08-07 - - Update to 5.25.0 * Qt >= 5.5 is now required * Greatly improve the performance of makeCacheKey, as it is a critical code path in icon lookup * KIconLoader: reduce number of lookups when doing fallbacks * KIconLoader: massive speed improvement for loading unavailable icons * Do not clear search line when switching category * KIconEngine: Fix QIcon::hasThemeIcon always returning true (kde#365130) * For more details please see: - Drop upstreamed 0001-KIconEngine-Fix-QIcon-hasThemeIcon-always-returning-.patch

    2016-07-15 - - Added 0001-KIconEngine-Fix-QIcon-hasThemeIcon-always-returning-.patch from upstream

    2016-07-06 - - Update to 5.24.0 * Add support for loading and using an icontheme in a RCC file automatically * Document icon theme deployment on MacOS and Windows, see * For more details please see:

    2016-06-06 - - Update to 5.23.0 * Don't make KIconThemes depend on Oxygen (kde#360664) * Selected state concept for icons * Use system colors for monochrome icons * For more details please see:

    2016-05-07 - - Update to 5.22.0 (boo#980066) * Use appropriate container for internal pointer array * Add opportunity to reduce unneeded disk accesses, introduces KDE-Extensions * Save some disk accesses * For more details please see:

    2016-04-04 - - Update to 5.21.0 (boo#974793) * Upgrade Qt version requirement to 5.4.0 * For more details please see:

    2016-03-18 - - Drop breeze.diff: it caused an incorrect fallback to breeze instead of hicolor when a different icon theme is configured, and has been reverted (and even rejected in a second try) upstream (kde#356064, kde#360664)