kernel-obs-qa - Basic QA tests for the kernel

Distribution: openSUSE 42.2
Repository: openSUSE Update Oss all
Package name: kernel-obs-qa
Package version: 4.4.46
Package release: 11.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
Installed size: unknown
Download size: 1.19 MB
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This package is using the kernel compiled within Open Build Service(OBS) projects and runs basic tests.


  • kernel-obs-qa = 4.4.46-11.1
  • kernel-obs-qa(x86-64) = 4.4.46-11.1

    Install Howto

    Install kernel-obs-qa rpm package:

    # zypper install kernel-obs-qa


    • /usr/share/kernel-obs-qa/logfile


    2017-02-03 - - crypto: qat - fix bar discovery for c62x (bsc#1021251). - commit d22fbe2

    2017-02-03 - - crypto: qat - zero esram only for DH85x devices (1021248). - commit df40528

    2017-02-03 - - Drivers: hv: vmbus: finally fix hv_need_to_signal_on_read() (fate#320485, bug#1018385). - commit d3358a1

    2017-02-03 - - md: fix refcount problem on mddev when stopping array (bsc#1022304). - commit 0663598

    2017-02-03 - - md-cluster: convert the completion to wait queue (fate#316335). - md-cluster: protect md_find_rdev_nr_rcu with rcu lock (fate#316335). - Refresh patches.suse/0029-md-cluster-call-md_kick_rdev_from_array-once-ack-fai.patch. - Refresh patches.suse/0030-md-cluster-use-FORCEUNLOCK-in-lockres_free.patch. - Refresh patches.suse/0031-md-cluster-remove-some-unnecessary-dlm_unlock_sync.patch. - Update patches.suse/0032-md-cluster-introduce-dlm_lock_sync_interruptible-to-.patch. - Refresh patches.suse/0033-md-changes-for-MD_STILL_CLOSED-flag.patch. - Refresh patches.suse/0034-md-cluster-make-resync-lock-also-could-be-interruptt.patch. - Refresh patches.suse/0035-md-cluster-clean-related-infos-of-cluster.patch. - commit 276640b

    2017-02-02 - - Btrfs: fix number of transaction units for renames with whiteout (bsc#1020975). - Btrfs: pin logs earlier when doing a rename exchange operation (bsc#1020975). - Btrfs: unpin logs if rename exchange operation fails (bsc#1020975). - Btrfs: fix inode leak on failure to setup whiteout inode in rename (bsc#1020975). - Btrfs: pin log earlier when renaming (bsc#1020975). - Btrfs: unpin log if rename operation fails (bsc#1020975). - commit cb9eb4a

    2017-02-02 - - Move btrfs rename patch away from SUSE specific section This is a patch that was already upstream before we integrated into our kernels, so it should not be in the "SUSE specific" section. - commit 96099b0

    2017-02-02 - - powerpc/fadump: Fix the race in crash_fadump() (bsc#1022971). - commit b0a61c5

    2017-02-02 - - blacklist.conf: Commit 2df26639e708 causes user-visible change that may confuse monitors - commit 22bd2e3

    2017-02-02 - - mm, page_alloc: fix premature OOM when racing with cpuset mems update (bnc#971975 VM performance -- page allocator). - mm, page_alloc: move cpuset seqcount checking to slowpath (bnc#971975 VM performance -- page allocator). - mm, page_alloc: fix fast-path race with cpuset update or removal (bnc#971975 VM performance -- page allocator). - mm, page_alloc: fix check for NULL preferred_zone (bnc#971975 VM performance -- page allocator). - mm, page_alloc: keep pcp count and list contents in sync if struct page is corrupted (bnc#971975 VM performance -- page allocator). - commit 44166b1