gnutls - The GNU Transport Layer Security Library

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The GnuTLS project aims to develop a library that provides a secure
layer over a reliable transport layer. Currently the GnuTLS library
implements the proposed standards of the IETF's TLS working group.


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gnutls-3.2.15-11.3.1.x86_64.rpm 3.2.15 x86_64 openSUSE Update Oss
gnutls-3.2.15-7.5.x86_64.rpm 3.2.15 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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gnutls = 3.2.15-9.1
gnutls(x86-64) = 3.2.15-9.1


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Binary Package gnutls-3.2.15-9.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package gnutls-3.2.15-9.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gnutls rpm package:

# zypper install gnutls




2017-01-24 -
- Fix an infinite loop if an EOF occurs while skipping a PGP packet
* add 0001-Do-not-infinite-loop-if-an-EOF-occurs-while-skipping.patch
2017-01-10 -
- GNUTLS-SA-2017-2 (bsc#1018832)
* several memory corruptions in OpenPGP certificate decoding
* added patches:
- GNUTLS-SA-2016-3 (bsc#999646)
* Incorrect certificate validation when using OCSP responses
* added gnutls-CVE-2016-7444.patch
- remote denial of service in SSL alert handling (bsc#1005879)
* added gnutls-CVE-2016-8610.patch
2015-08-21 -
- fix for CVE-2015-6251 (GNUTLS-SA-2015-3) (bsc#941794)
* double free in certificate DN decoding
* added gnutls-CVE-2015-6251.patch
2015-08-03 -
- fix for CVE-2015-3622 in bundled libtasn1 (bsc#929414)
* invalid read in octet string
* added gnutls-CVE-2015-3622.patch
- fix for GNUTLS-SA-2015-2 (bsc#929690)
* ServerKeyExchange signature issue
* added gnutls-GNUTLS-SA-2015-2.patch
2015-03-18 -
- fix for CVE-2015-0294 (bnc#919938)
* certificate algorithm consistency checking issue
* added gnutls-CVE-2015-0294.patch
2014-11-12 -
- gnutls-CVE-2014-8564.patch: Fixed parsing problem in elliptic
curve blobs over TLS that could lead to remote crashes.
(bnc#904603 CVE-2014-8564)
2014-06-03 -
- Version 3.2.15 (released 2014-05-30)
* * libgnutls: Eliminated memory corruption issue in Server Hello parsing.
Issue reported by Joonas Kuorilehto of Codenomicon. (CVE-2014-3466 / bnc#880730)
* * libgnutls: Several memory leaks caused by error conditions were
fixed. The leaks were identified using valgrind and the Codenomicon
TLS test suite.
* * libgnutls: Increased the maximum certificate size buffer
in the PKCS #11 subsystem.
* * libgnutls: Check the return code of getpwuid_r() instead of relying
on the result value. That avoids issue in certain systems, when using
tofu authentication and the home path cannot be determined. Issue reported
by Viktor Dukhovni.
* * gnutls-cli: if dane is requested but not PKIX verification, then
only do verify the end certificate.
* * ocsptool: Include path in ocsp request. This resolves #108582
(, reported by Matt McCutchen.
- Version 3.2.14 (released 2014-05-06)
* * libgnutls: Fixed issue with the check of incoming data when two
different recv and send pointers have been specified. Reported and
investigated by JMRecio.
* * libgnutls: Fixed issue in the RSA-PSK key exchange, which would
result to illegal memory access if a server hint was provided.
* * libgnutls: Fixed client memory leak in the PSK key exchange, if a
server hint was provided.
* * libgnutls: Several small bug fixes identified using valgrind and
the Codenomicon TLS test suite.
* * libgnutls: Several small bug fixes found by coverity.
* * libgnutls-dane: Accept a certificate using DANE if there is at least one
entry that matches the certificate. Patch by simon [at]
* * configure: Added --with-nettle-mini option, which allows linking
with a libnettle that contains gmp.
* * certtool: The ECDSA keys generated by default use the SECP256R1 curve
which is supported more widely than the previously used SECP224R1.
- CVE-2014-3466.patch: is upstream.
2014-06-02 -
- Fixed bug[ bnc#880730],  CVE-2014-3466: gnutls: Possible memory corruption during connect
Add patch file: CVE-2014-3466.patch

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