firebird-classic - Classic architecture binaries for SQL database server

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Classic architecture binaries for Firebird SQL server. These can be used
either for Classic (separate processes run by (x)inetd) or SuperClassic
(one multithreaded daemon with per-connection cache and shared locking
system) model.
Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL standard
features that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms.
Firebird offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful
language support for stored procedures and triggers. It has been used
in production systems, under a variety of names, since 1981.


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Install Howto

Install firebird-classic rpm package:

# zypper install firebird-classic




2017-02-07 -
- Backported-fix-for-CORE-5474-Restrict-UDF-is-not-eff.patch:
security vulnerability fix for bypassing 'Restrict UDF' value of
UdfAccess config directive (bsc#1023990)
2016-07-07 -
- update to upstream 2.5.6 point release
* CORE-4904: Index corruption could occur while inserting data
into a long-key-indexed field
* CORE-4982: The server could crash during "select from
procedure" if an exception were thrown while backing out the
current savepoint
* CORE-4869: A segmentation fault could occur when cleaning the
metadata cache
* CORE-4656: The server could hang while chasing dead record
* CORE-4680: Deadlock could occur during attachment
* CORE-4754: Bugcheck 167 (invalid SEND request) could occur
while working with a GTT from several attachments, using
EXECUTE STATEMENT ... ON EXTERNAL and different roles
* CORE-4908: The server could hang on simultaneous connection to
the Services API and a database
* fix gbak returning 0 on some errors
* CORE-5157: The server could go into an infinite loop when data
were sent from a client to the service in small packets
* CORE-4645: Source of the error "Bugcheck 165 (cannot find TIP
page)" was identified and fixed
* CORE-5240: A crash could occur while restoring a database with
large page cache
* CORE-5117: Firebird embedded could crash on unload if it was
used to make a client connection to a full server
* CORE-5087: Database shutdown could cause a server crash if
multiple attachments were running EXECUTE STATEMENT
* CORE-5068: regression: when gbak was run via the services
manager with an invalid parameter, it would crash the server.
* CORE-4983: The server could crash during execution of an
unprepared statement
* CORE-5216: improvement: Run-time errors raised inside EXECUTE
BLOCK now provide the location context (line/column numbers)
* CORE-4978: improvement: Improve validation and fixup of lost
data pages
- drop patches included in upstream point release:
2015-07-27 -
- fix libfbembed package name in baselibs.conf so that the
libfbembed2_5-32bit is built
2015-07-27 -
- upgrade to upstream version 2.5.4 (final)
* CORE-4558: SuperServer dies when client is disconnected
abnormally during the index navigational scan
* CORE-4676: Crash on unexpected client disconnection with opened
* CORE-4075: Server bugchecks or crashes on exception in
calculated index
* CORE-4624: Firebird handles ':' characters in mount table
entries invalid
- Backported-fix-for-CORE-4788-Superclassic-server-han.patch:
CORE-4788: Superclassic server hangs when receiving network
- Backported-fix-for-CORE-4785-Bad-packet-of-op_execut.patch:
CORE-4785: Bad packet of op_execute kills the server
- Fixed-s-tandalone-switch-in-posix-server.patch:
fix -s(tandalone) switch in posix server
- Added-check-for-failed-fork-system-call.patch:
add check for failed fork() system call
- Apply-Partial-patch-for-C-11-compilation-of-the-Fire.patch:
two patches from LibreOffice fixing C++11 build

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