at - A Job Manager

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Package name at
Package version 3.1.14
Package release 11.3.1
Package architecture x86_64
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This program allows you to run jobs at specified times.


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at-3.1.14-10.1.x86_64.rpm 3.1.14 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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/usr/sbin/useradd -
coreutils -
diffutils -
fillup -
grep -
insserv - - - - - - -
permissions -
sed -
systemd -


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at = 3.1.14-11.3.1
at(x86-64) = 3.1.14-11.3.1
config(at) = 3.1.14-11.3.1


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Binary Package at-3.1.14-11.3.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package at-3.1.14-11.3.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install at rpm package:

# zypper install at




2017-08-29 -
- atd.service: run not after
- atd.service: run
2016-09-09 -
- Rebuild with a fixed flex package to fix a buffer overflow
(bsc#990856, CVE-2016-6354).
2016-03-15 -
-  add at-3.1.14-handle_malformed_jobs.patch to prevent creation of
the corrupted files and their looping [bnc#945124]
2014-10-06 -
- Add at-3.1.14-sane-envkeys.patch to skip exporting variables with
awkward keys (bnc#899160)
2014-06-16 -
-Removed init script
-fix bnc#880364 - at pam file is not calling pam_loginuid
2014-03-03 -
- New upstream release 3.1.14
+ Add systemd service file. (deb#639634)
+ Initialize jobno before using it.
+ No longer try to compile and run a trivial C program. (deb#632301)
+ Add -M option to usage message.
+ Use LDFLAGS when linking programs.
- Rebased the following patches:
* at-3.1.13.patch as at-3.1.14.patch
* at-3.1.13-joblist.patch as at-3.1.14-joblist.patch
* at-3.1.13-selinux.patch as at-3.1.14-selinux.patch
* at-parse-suse-sysconfig.patch as at-3.1.14-parse-suse-sysconfig.patch
* at-makefile-deps.patch as at-3.1.14-makefile-deps.patch
- Dropped at-3.1.13-pie.patch (obsolete, now using LDFLAGS)
- Changed systemd service file [Unit] -> "Description" to match upstream
- Spec: cleanup + use some macros
2014-01-23 -
- Fixed leaking the exit code of systemctl in A change
to at.sleep prevents leaking systemctl exit code as well as
simplifies the script.
2013-11-12 -
- use old privs model (fixes bnc#849720)
* at-backport-old-privs.patch
- do not install sysvinit script and service file together
- add sticky bit to atjobs
2013-10-22 -
- adding service hook was in %verifyscript section not in %post
2013-10-06 -
- at-secure_getenv.patch at must use secure_getenv.

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