perl-Data-Hexify - Perl extension for hexdumping arbitrary data

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This module exports one subroutine: 'Hexify'.
'Hexify' formats arbitrary (possible binary) data into a format suitable
for hex dumps in the style of 'xd' or 'hexl'.
The first, or only, argument to 'Hexify' contains the data, or a reference
to the data, to be hexified. Hexify will return a string that prints as
0000: 70 61 63 6b 61 67 65 20 44 61 74 61 3a 3a 48 65  package Data::He
0010: 78 69 66 79 3b 0a 0a 75 73 65 20 35 2e 30 30 36  xify;..use 5.006
and so on. At the left is the (hexadecimal) index of the data, then a
number of hex bytes, followed by the chunk of data with unprintables
replaced by periods.
The optional second argument to 'Hexify' must be a hash or a hash
reference, containing values for any of the following parameters:
* first
The first byte of the data to be processed. Default is to start from the
beginning of the data.
* length
The number of bytes to be processed. Default is to proceed all data.
* chunk
The number of bytes to be processed per line of output. Default is 16.
* group
The number of bytes to be grouped together. Default is 1 (no grouping).
If used, it must be a divisor of the chunk size.
* duplicates
When set, duplicate lines of output are suppressed and replaced by a
single line reading '**SAME**'.
Duplicate suppression is enabled by default.
* showdata
A reference to a subroutine that is used to produce a printable string
from a chunk of data. By default, a subroutine is used that replaces
unwanted bytes by periods.
The subroutine gets the chunk of data passed as argument, and should
return a printable string of at most 'chunksize' characters.
* align
Align the result to 'chunksize' bytes. This is relevant only when
processing data not from the beginning. For example, when 'first' is 10,
the result would become:
0000:                ...    74 61 3a 3a 48 65            ta::He
0010: 78 69 66 79 3b ... 65 20 35 2e 30 30 36  xify;..use 5.006
... and so on ...
Alignment is on by default. Without alignment, the result would be:
000a: 74 61 3a 3a 48 ... 79 3b 0a 0a 75 73 65  ta::Hexify;..use
001a: 20 35 2e 30 30 ... 73 65 20 73 74 72 69   5.006;.use stri
... and so on ...
* start
Pretend that the data started at this byte (while in reality it starts at
byte 'first'). The above example, with 'start => 0', becomes:
0000: 74 61 3a 3a 48 ... 79 3b 0a 0a 75 73 65  ta::Hexify;..use
0010: 20 35 2e 30 30 ... 73 65 20 73 74 72 69   5.006;.use stri
... and so on ...


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perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.18.2) -
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1
rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1
rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) <= 4.4.6-1


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perl(Data::Hexify) = 1.00
perl-Data-Hexify = 1.00-18.1


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Install Howto

Install perl-Data-Hexify rpm package:

# zypper install perl-Data-Hexify

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