gbrainy - A brain teaser game and trainer

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Package release 1.17
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gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep
your brain trained.
It provides the following types of games:
* Logic puzzles. Games designed to challenge your reasoning and
thinking skills.
* Mental calculation. Games based on arithmetical operations
designed to prove your mental calculation skills.
* Memory trainers. Games designed to challenge your short term
* Verbal analogies. Games that challenge your verbal aptitude.


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gbrainy-2.3.4-5.1.noarch.rpm 2.3.4 noarch openSUSE Education
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/bin/bash -
mono(Mono.CSharp) =
mono(Mono.Cairo) =
mono(Mono.Posix) =
mono(System) =
mono(System.Core) =
mono(System.Xml) =
mono(gbrainy.Core) =
mono(gdk-sharp) =
mono(glib-sharp) =
mono(gtk-sharp) =
mono(mscorlib) =
mono(pango-sharp) =
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1
rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1
rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) <= 4.4.6-1


Name Value
appdata() -
appdata(gbrainy.appdata.xml) -
application() -
application(gbrainy.desktop) -
gbrainy = 2.2.7-1.17
mono(gbrainy) =
mono(gbrainy.Core) =
mono(gbrainy.Games) =


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Binary Package gbrainy-2.2.7-1.17.noarch.rpm
Source Package gbrainy-2.2.7-1.17.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gbrainy rpm package:

# zypper install gbrainy



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