crmsh-scripts - Crm Shell Cluster Scripts

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Distribution openSUSE Leap 42.2
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Package name crmsh-scripts
Package version 2.2.0+git.1473924149.8abc212
Package release 1.4
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
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Cluster scripts for crmsh. The cluster scripts can be run
directly from the crm command line, or used by user interfaces
like hawk to implement configuration wizards.


Package Version Architecture Repository
crmsh-scripts-2.2.0+git.1476084519.a000372-3.1.noarch.rpm 2.2.0+git.1476084519.a000372 noarch openSUSE Update Oss
crmsh-scripts - - -


Name Value
/usr/bin/env -
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1
rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1
rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) <= 4.4.6-1


Name Value
crmsh-scripts = 2.2.0+git.1473924149.8abc212-1.4


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Binary Package crmsh-scripts-2.2.0+git.1473924149.8abc212-1.4.noarch.rpm
Source Package crmsh-2.2.0+git.1473924149.8abc212-1.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install crmsh-scripts rpm package:

# zypper install crmsh-scripts

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