chemtool - Program for Drawing 2D Organic Molecules

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Package version: 1.6.14
Package release: 2.4
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Chemtool is a program for drawing organic molecules easily and storing them as an X bitmap, Xfig, or EPS file. It runs under the X Window System using the GTK widget set.



  • application()
  • application(chemtool.desktop)
  • chemtool = 1.6.14-2.4
  • chemtool(x86-64) = 1.6.14-2.4


    Install Howto

    1. Add the openSUSE Education repository:
      # zypper addrepo opensuse-education
    2. Install chemtool rpm package:
      # zypper install chemtool


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    2014-12-28 - - update to 1.6.14: + This is just an interim release to fix a crash bug in all output modes based on fig2dev. + Also included is an update to the build scripts to facilitate building on ARM64 targets, and autodetection of recent versions of openbabel for im/export should work again - specfile cleanup using spec-cleaner - refreshed patches

    2012-08-24 - - update to 1.6.13: + New export option "ASY" for Asymptote files + Added support for Unicode symbol characters inserted e.g. by cut-and-paste from LibreOffice + Fixed crash on startup due to errors in menu icon setup + Batch mode could crash due to incomplete initialisation of color arrays + Undo/redo in "move fragment"-mode did not work as intended + Default extension is now appended to the save filename as needed + Fixed exporting to files or directories containing spaces in their names - removed upstreamed patches + chemtool-1.6.12-fix_segfault_at_startup.patch and + chemtool-1.6.12-x11linker.patch - added enable-undo, disable-rpath and enable-menu to configure

    2011-12-15 - - fix build on openSUSE-12.1 using patch from - fix segmentation fault on startup

    2009-08-01 - - update to 1.6.12: + This release contains another round of fixes for label positioning and clipping of bonds around labels. + The pen color button has been replaced by a drop-down menu, and a "white" pen for drawing on colored backgrounds has been added. + Chemtool now automatically resizes its main window on small (netbook) screens, and it can also be used in an non-interactive mode to create postscript (etc.) output from previously created chemtool structure files (/usr/bin/chemtoolbg). + The Polish translation has been updated, and a new Bulgarian translation has been added.

    2009-01-17 - - maintained now by openSUSE-Education Team

    2008-09-22 - - fix some rpmlint warnings and beautify specfile

    2008-02-27 - - updated to version 1.6.11 - Key sequences @+ and @- now generate "circle" variants of plus and minus signs - Bond length and zoom factor are now saved in chemtool files and restored on loading - Corrected length calculation for labels without sub- or superscripts (thereby fixing truncation of labels near the edges of a drawing) - Corrected positioning and inter-character spacing of labels with sub- or superscripts - Changed OpenOffice output to avoid LaTeX formatting (that fig2sxd does not support) - Improved clipping of double and triple bonds around labels in the screen view - Improved the preview function to cope with older (pre-1.6) chemtool files - The "gtklp" frontend for CUPS is now available from the "print command" menu - Updated documentation - dropped patch (Makefile.diff)

    2007-04-25 - - updated to version 1.6.10 - Added a "round parentheses" option to the bracket tool. - Added export to PNG (through fig2dev/gs). - Added template entries for morphine and several diazoles. - Improved truncation of bonds around labels in the screen view. - Redesigned Configuration dialogs. - XFig and related export modes now support text in non-western european character sets ("Times" font only) through fig2dev's "international" option. - The KDE "kprinter" frontend is now available from the "print command" configuration dialog - Cleanup no longer removes drop shadows from boxes - Fixed a potential crash with non-ascii characters in labels (including electron-pair dots) and gtk2. - Fixed menu shortcuts getting intercepted by the labeling shortcut mechanism. - Fixed width of arrowheads in ps/eps. - Fixed superscript position, national characters and arrowhead size in SVG. - Fixed a bug in SVG export that could truncate labels in subsequent save or export actions. - removed obsolete zoom.diff