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Package name joe
Package version 4.2
Package release 1.2
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Joe is a powerful, easy to use, modeless text editor. It uses the same
WordStar keybindings used in Borland's development environment.


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joe-4.2-1.2.x86_64.rpm 4.2 x86_64 j.eng
joe-3.7-31.19.x86_64.rpm 3.7 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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config(joe) = 4.2-1.2
joe = 4.2-1.2
joe(jng-config) = 4.2-1.2
joe(x86-32) = 4.2-1.2


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Binary Package joe-4.2-1.2.i586.rpm
Source Package joe-4.2-1.2.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the j.eng repository:
    # zypper addrepo j.eng
  2. Install joe rpm package:
    # zypper install joe




2016-05-02 -
- Update to 4.2:
* New or improved syntax files for the following languages:
* Dockerfile
* Usability Enhancements
* The top Google help searches for JOE include:
* How do I save and exit?  The startup copyright notice
has been replaced with basic help for beginners
* How do I dismiss the region highlighting?
Changed to Ctrl-C will do it.
* How do I close all files and exit?  Now Ctrl-K Q does this.
* Restyle the help screens.
* Remove time and "Ctrl-K H for help" message from status bar.
* Add ^KH for help to search and replace prompts.
* Provide aborthint and helphint options
* Enable -noxon by default (disable ^S/^Q flow control).
* Document ESC X (command prompt) in the help screens.
* "joe --help" now prints all command line options.
* Other Enhancements
* Tags search now tries to find the tags file in parent directories
if it does not exist in the current directory and if the TAGS
environment variable was not set.
* Built-in calculator can now print and accept numbers in binary,
octal and engineering formats:
__dec__	12_345
__eng__	12.345_0e3
__bin__	0b11_0000_0011_1001
__oct__	0o3_0071
__hex__	0x3039
* Built-in calculator now prints and accepts separating underscores
for clarity.
* Enhanced calculator statistics functions:
* __dev__ computes standard deviation with full population
* __samp__ computes standard deviation with sample of population
* Linear regression analysis.  Select a region of x
and y values, then:
* __lr__(x)   provide estimate of y given x
* __rlr__(y)  provide estimate of x given y
* __Lr__, __lR__, __LR__: log, exponential, power regression
* Calculator region functions now assume the entire buffer if no
region is set.
* Tab completion now works at the calculator prompt (and in all
prompts which allow numeric input, such as ^KL- go to line).
* Make new regex engine (from JOE 4.1) more compatible with the
classic engine.  \\y is now shorthand for \\(\\.\\\*\\), so that it does
what \\\* did in the old engine.  Also:
* \\. no longer matches newline.
* \\\* matches shortest match, not longest match.
* Add -left and -right options to control the amount scrolling when
the cursor moves past the left or right edge of the screen.
* Bugs fixed
* Fix use after free bug which shows up as a crash in OpenBSD
* Fix bug where indent step value was not shown on ^T menu
* Fix bug where setting margin doesn't work on big-endian systems
* Fix issue where highest valued unicode character equivalent was
not translating to its corresponding 8-bit character.  Effect
of this was that Delete key was not working in shell windows in
ASCII character set.
* Standard deviation calculator function was not producing correct
* Allow koi8r and koi8-r for KOI8-R in joe_getcodeset (which is only
used if there is no setlocale).
* Guess_crlf forced UNIX line endings for new files even though
crlf was set.  Now crlf is left alone if guess_crlf can not
determine the line ending.
* If cursor was at end of a long line and you switched to hex dump
display mode, then hex dump was scrolled.  Now scroll offset is
reset when you switch to hex display mode.
- Resynched patches:
- Update German translations

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