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Distribution openSUSE Leap 42.2
Repository j.eng all
Package name aaa_base
Package version 13.2+git20140911.61c1681
Package release 3.4
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Installed size 262.19 KB
Download size 132.58 KB
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This package installs several important configuration files and central scripts.


Package Version Architecture Repository
aaa_base-13.2+git20140911.61c1681-24.3.1.x86_64.rpm 13.2+git20140911.61c1681 x86_64 openSUSE Update Oss
aaa_base-13.2+git20140911.61c1681-23.1.x86_64.rpm 13.2+git20140911.61c1681 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
aaa_base-13.2+git20140911.61c1681-3.4.i586.rpm 13.2+git20140911.61c1681 i586 j.eng
aaa_base - - -


Name Value
/bin/bash -
/bin/cat -
/bin/date -
/bin/fillup -
/bin/login -
/bin/ls -
/bin/mktemp -
/bin/mv -
/usr/bin/cmp -
/usr/bin/find -
/usr/bin/grep -
/usr/bin/perl -
/usr/bin/sed -
/usr/bin/tput -
/usr/bin/xargs -
cpio -
distribution-release -
filesystem - -


Name Value
aaa_base = 13.2+git20140911.61c1681-3.4
aaa_base(jng-config) = 13.2+git20140911.61c1681-3.4
aaa_base(x86-64) = 13.2+git20140911.61c1681-3.4
aaa_skel = 13.2+git20140911.61c1681-3.4
bin -
bootutls -
config(aaa_base) = 13.2+git20140911.61c1681-3.4
etc -
skeleng -
skelger -


Name Value
sysvinit-init -


Name Value
aaa_skel < 13.2+git20140911.61c1681


Type URL
Binary Package aaa_base-13.2+git20140911.61c1681-3.4.x86_64.rpm
Source Package aaa_base-13.2+git20140911.61c1681-3.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the j.eng repository:
    # zypper addrepo j.eng
  2. Install aaa_base rpm package:
    # zypper install aaa_base




2016-09-15 -
- fix regression introduced by fix for bnc#971567 (bnc#996442)
2016-08-05 -
- add patch from git master to disabled IPv6 privacy by default
- git-24-7f4c8c4dc6adaac428c539ebf76410954a0d900d.patch
switch IPv6 privacy extensions (use_tempaddr) back to 1
history see bsc#678066,bsc#752842,bsc#988023,bsc#990838
2016-08-04 -
- add patch from git master to fix usage of setenv (bsc#992144)
- git-23-d026b75b1f95d810c0a0b10cd35845ec50662bbd.patch
Do not use the = sign for setenv in /etc/profile.d/lang.csh
2016-07-20 -
- add patches from git master for bnc#970395
- git-20-36aeb3915e52b957f6a4aba57833b0be9898ac64.patch
Let the ~/.i18n values parsed as well if GDM_LANG is set
- git-21-52d873754994b203d26a4268993599716607c082.patch, lang.csh: allow GDM to override locale
- git-22-ed9debfbf942796f76f6ded8f01002b56b356a74.patch, lang.csh: if GDM_LANG equals system LANG then use
system defaults
2016-04-26 -
- fix typo in last patch (no-systemctl support for chkconfig)
(still bnc#971567)
2016-04-08 -
- add patches from git master for bnc#971567
- git-15-39beb10d05082324d93a68c087d017efb9592e91.patch
make chkconfig -a/-d work (bsc#926539)
- git-16-c3faa6cbc3a2b62c616104dbdaf9c5d04f278c99.patch
avoid recursion if systemd call chkconfig back for sysv units
- git-17-e8eb1690d77fc3880267de3912ae934ec3b4afa0.patch
chkconfig: return 1 trying to list unknown service
- git-18-3d9d3a8adf6b34ef1a3a4bfa23325e5cc3b2bc06.patch
chckconfig: add --no-systemctl option
2016-01-15 -
- add patches from git master for bnc#960393
- git-13-e8d89ec1b9ff6dfe144665a7bab60dda9079adf6.patch
Use the '+' for find's -exec option
- git-14-f5670c1d7ec3fb3d0a759cfee23346987bc7a820.patch
Replace UNICODE double dash with simple ASCII single dash
also (bnc#954909)
2015-10-27 -
- add patches from git master for bnc#942734
- git-08-9b67611008adbb92fd0ebc9047f63036eb9e6d3d.patch
Remove references to suseconfig and unused variables
- git-09-919d7d4426ea868ffa10a18b87a6027e7555bca3.patch
- git-10-f95fe37ac19c11c1294173b44e6a7567d842cd75.patch
Fix indentation
- this removes the references to sysconfig/suseconfig but
actually keeps evaluating the CWD_IN_ variables in the scripts
- add patches from git master for bnc#932456
- git-11-7c70cd44f911d150de785daf2960cfff660fdd62.patch
sysconf_addword: do not insert spaces at start of string
- add patches from git master for bnc#915259
- git-12-ca4b24d3a82ce55701931ecb94582b61a95cae81.patch trigger also if only files changed
that have spaces in their name
2015-10-19 -
- add some patches from git master:
- afd04c2500406fc26c30898c8a6b31b1881b8857 from Andreas Jaeger
Fix spelling of SUSE
Fix spelling in README and comments.
- f7660b46d8cdbec18e2fc149f40a296cc4fb91ae from Andrei Borzenkov
Avoid sourcing /etc/bash_completion.d twice (bnc#907873)
- 4c9ce1005de47b75b774f914c52dcb5d42f1cc7e from Werner Fink
Even if GDM has done language setup the personal .i18n should
be sourced (see also bnc#950892)
- c745414060676fc15b275a14e82b060e80305878 from Werner Fink
Correct the boolean in /etc/profile.d/
- be5760cab096493812ebe05d33d44db021d509e6 from Werner Fink
Handle also command lines starting with the env command
as this is used by gnome xsessions (bsc#921172)
- 4a32a7a42fae1ae52d7a141c3ba3f10b443b8f7a from Ruediger Oertel
add SOCKS5_SERVER and socks_proxy to proxy settings (bnc#928398)
- 427db470e66738bd4262e68911614ba124593576 from Petr Tesarik
Enable SysRq dump by default
2014-12-17 -
- update fate-314974.patch since user based exclude is now implemented
into systemd binary (bnc#903009)

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