libffms2-4-32bit - Wrapper library around libffmpeg

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Package name: libffms2-4-32bit
Package version: 2.23.1
Package release: 1.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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FFmpegSource (usually known as FFMS or FFMS2) is a cross-platform wrapper library around libffmpeg, plus some additional components to deal with file formats libavformat has (or used to have) problems with.



  • libffms2-4-32bit = 2.23.1-1.1
  • libffms2-4-32bit(x86-32) = 2.23.1-1.1


    Source package: ffms2-2.23.1-1.1.src.rpm

    Install Howto

    1. Add the Packman repository:
      # zypper addrepo packman
    2. Install libffms2-4-32bit rpm package:
      # zypper install libffms2-4-32bit


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    2017-02-23 - - update to 2.23.1 * Updated FFmpeg APIs used * Added new API that can read/write indexes to a memory buffer * Added support for high bitdepth output in Avisynth+ * vapoursource: Add nfMakeLinear flag to better performance in most cases * Remove bad colorspace matrix guessing for YUV * Tell libavformat to discard packets we don't want * Restore original FFCopyrightInfringement behavior * Make FFMS_Init threadsafe * Support latest libav* APIs

    2016-05-01 - - Update to 2.22 * Fix possible off by 1 frame until first seek issue introduced in 2.21 (Myrsloik) * avisynth: Make FFMS2 a shorter alias for FFmpegSource2 to save some typing (Myrsloik) * avisynth: Moved all source functions in ffms2.avsi into the actual plugin (Myrsloik) * avisynth: Use 2.6 RC API and add output support for all new colorspaces (Myrsloik) * vapoursource: Fix swapped RGB channels bug introduced in 2.21 (Myrsloik) * swscale: Drop pointless and slow bitexact flag from resizer settings (kodabb) * Add support for files with gaps between the audio packets (Plorkyeran) 2.21: * Add missing constants for log levels (Myrsloik) * Fix bad decoder flush that discards the palette of raw video (Myrsloik) * Remove the SWScale function from Avisynth since SWScale is useless (Myrsloik) * Fix common framerate correction (Myrsloik) * vapoursource: The framerate and frame durations are now normalized (Myrsloik) * vapoursource: Add support for outputting the alpha channel too (Myrsloik) * vapoursource: Fix resizer selection so bicubic isn't always used (Myrsloik) * vapoursource: Set chroma location and full colorspace information (Myrsloik) * Add support for indexing files with more than 32 tracks and the possibility to skip indexing of video tracks (Myrsloik) * The Avisynth plugin now sets all per frame variables in all modes to avoid ugly and slow FFInfo() errors (Myrsloik) * vapoursource: Fix crash on single frame files (Myrsloik) * Remove the Matroska and Haali demuxers (qyot27, Plorkyeran) * Fix adjustments for positive audio delay (tophf) * Don't try to index video tracks in unsupported formats (Daemon404) * Don't use scientific notation in timecode files (Daemon404) * Fix utf8 support in FFVideoSource (nixxquality) * Improve handling of files where only some packets have timestamps (Plorkyeran) * Fix memory leaks in the VapourSynth error handling (Plorkyeran) 2.20: * Add support for Opus in MKV when ffmpeg/libav are built with libopus (qyot27) * vapoursource: Provide _AbsoluteTime metadata (Daemon404) * Fix a pile of small things found by Coverity (Daemon404) * Add support for HEVC in MKV (qyot27) * Fix infinite loop on garbage data at the beginning of AAC files (Plorkyeran) * Deal with the never-ending bitrot from FFmpeg/Libav API changes (Daemon404, Plorkyeran) * Make indexes not arch-specific and trivially smaller (Plorkyeran) * Fix bug where the first b-frame was replaced with the frame before it with open-gop h.264 (Plorkyeran) * Fix seeking issues with open-gop h.264 (Plorkyeran) * Fix corruption when seeking in interlaced h.264 (Plorkyeran) * Add support for multiple frames per audio packet as FFmpeg seems to have started doing that (Plorkyeran) * Fix seeking in Y4M files (Plorkyeran) * Fix dumping audio while indexing files * Add support for Matroska files with extremely large CodecPrivate sections * Speed up indexing Matroska files a bit - Bumped soname to 4 - Switched to ffmpeg 3.0

    2016-02-17 - - Remove unused Requires from pkgconfig file

    2015-09-22 - - Use pkgconfig for ffmpeg BuildRequires

    2014-04-21 - - update version 2.19.2 - drop patch: ffms2-2.17-ffmpeg_011.patch, upstreamed - drop patch: ffms2-2.17-ffmpeg_10.patch, upstreamed - drop patch: ffms2-2.17-ffmpeg_20.patch, upstream fixed

    2013-07-30 - - Fix build with ffmpeg 2.0