flashrom - A universal flash programming utility

Distribution: openSUSE 42.1
Repository: Packman all
Package name: flashrom
Package version: 0.9.8_r1955
Package release: 35.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 585.70 KB
Download size: 161.45 KB
Official Mirror: packman.inode.at
flashrom is a utility for reading, writing, verifying and erasing flash ROM chips. It's often used to flash BIOS/EFI/coreboot/firmware images in-system using a supported mainboard, but it also supports flashing of network cards (NICs), SATA controller cards, and other external devices which can program flash chips. It supports a wide range of DIP32, PLCC32, DIP8, SO8/SOIC8, TSOP32, and TSOP40 chips, which use various protocols such as LPC, FWH, parallel flash, or SPI.



  • flashrom = 0.9.8_r1955-35.1
  • flashrom(x86-64) = 0.9.8_r1955-35.1


    Source package: flashrom-0.9.8_r1955-35.1.src.rpm

    Install Howto

    1. Add the Packman repository:
      # zypper addrepo http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Leap_42.1/ packman
    2. Install flashrom rpm package:
      # zypper install flashrom


    • /usr/sbin/flashrom
    • /usr/share/doc/packages/flashrom/COPYING
    • /usr/share/doc/packages/flashrom/README
    • /usr/share/man/man8/flashrom.8.gz


    2013-08-15 - p.drouand@gmail.com - Update to version 0.9.7 + see http://flashrom.org/Flashrom/0.9.7 for changes - Use official tarball instead of generated one from svn - Let RPM strips manpage himself; - Change Url to real one

    2013-03-13 - cfarrell@suse.com - license update: GPL-2.0 No indication of aggregation

    2013-03-05 - coolo@suse.com - update license to new format

    2012-09-23 - kernel01@hailfinger.org - Update to

    2011-10-27 - crrodriguez@opensuse.org - update to 0.9.4 r1457. * Mark several new boards as supported/unsupported

    2011-10-13 - stepan@coresystems.de - update to 0.9.4 r1450. * support more devices - Fix update-snapshots script when running svn with locales other than english.

    2011-10-04 - kernel01@hailfinger.org - Update flashrom from 0.9.4-beta to 0.9.4 * Fixes for crashes and corruption in corner cases

    2011-09-18 - jengelh@medozas.de - Apply packaging guidelines (remove redundant/obsolete tags/sections from specfile, etc.)

    2011-06-02 - stepan@coresystems.de - update to 0.9.3 r1322.

    2011-03-31 - stepan@coresystems.de - update to 0.9.3 r1283.