pam_apparmor-32bit - PAM module for AppArmor change_hat

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Package name: pam_apparmor-32bit
Package version: 2.10.1
Package release: 5.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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The pam_apparmor module provides the means for any PAM applications that call pam_open_session() to automatically perform an AppArmor change_hat operation in order to switch to a user-specific security policy.


  • pam_apparmor-32bit = 2.10.1-5.1
  • pam_apparmor-32bit(x86-32) = 2.10.1-5.1

    Install Howto

    Install pam_apparmor-32bit rpm package:

    # zypper install pam_apparmor-32bit


    • /lib/security/


    2016-04-22 - - update to AppArmor 2.10.1 (2.10 branch r3326): - fix incorrect output of child profile names (apparmor_parser -N) which caused 'rcapparmor reload' to remove child profiles and hats (lp#1551950) - fix a crash in aa-logprof / for change_hat log events (lp#1523297) and log events that look like file events, but aren't (lp#1540562, lp#1525119, lp#1466812) - write unix rules when saving a profile (lp#1522938, boo#954104#c3) - several fixes for variable handling in aa-logprof - map c (create) log events to w instead of a - add python to the "no Px rule" list in logprof.conf - let aa-logprof check for duplicate profiles - let aa-status work without the python module (boo#971917, lp#1480492) - add permissions in several profiles (including boo#948584, boo#948753, boo#954959, boo#954958, boo#971790, boo#964971, boo#921098, boo#923201 and boo#921098#c15). - and many more fixes, see the full changelog at - drop upstream(ed) patches: - fix-initscript-aa_log_end_msg.diff - syslog-ng-profile-boo948584.diff - upstream-profile-updates-r3205-3241.diff - refresh patches: - apparmor-abstractions-no-multiline.diff - apparmor-samba-include-permissions-for-shares.diff - drop libapparmor call (broke the build) and remove libtool BR

    2015-10-07 - - add syslog-ng-profile-boo948584.diff - add several permissions needed by latest syslog-ng (boo#948584, boo#948753) - add upstream-profile-updates-r3205-3241.diff with several profile updates: - add /usr/share/locale-bundle/** to abstractions/base - allow dnsmask to use /bin/sh (boo#940749) and /bin/dash - allow dovecot imap to read /run/dovecot/mounts - allow avahi-daemon to write to /run/systemd/notify - allow ntpd to read $PATH directory listings (boo#945592, boo#948752) - update dhclient profile - allow skype to read @{PROC}/@{pid}/net/dev (boo#939568) - and some other small updates - drop upstreamed apparmor-winbindd-r3213.diff (included in the upstream-profile-updates patch)

    2015-09-13 - - netstat moved to net-tools-deprecated in Tumbleweed (boo#944904)

    2015-07-30 - - add apparmor-winbindd-r3213.diff - add missing k permissions for /etc/samba/smbd.tmp/msg/* in winbindd profile (boo#921098 #c15..19)

    2015-07-23 - - add fix-initscript-aa_log_end_msg.diff - fixes ugly initscript output (boo#862170)

    2015-07-16 - - update to AppArmor 2.10 (trunk r3205) - profile names can now contain variables - improved profile compile time in apparmor_parser - lots of improvements, refactoring and bugfixes in the aa-* tools - new apis for managing and loading profile caches into the kernel in libapparmor - lots of profile updates - see for the complete changelog with more details - add new apparmor_private.h and the aa_query_label(2), aa_features(3), aa_kernel_interface(3), aa_policy_cache(3), aa_splitcon(3) manpages to libapparmor-devel - drop apparmor-2.5.1-edirectory-profile patch - it's most probably no longer needed (see boo#621394 for details) - drop upstreamed samba-4.2-profiles.diff - refresh apparmor-samba-include-permissions-for-shares.diff

    2015-06-15 - - systemd-rpm-macros and %systemd_requires were at the wrong place, move them to the parser package (boo#931792)