prboom-plus - Open source port of the DOOM game engine

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Package release: 3.2
Package architecture: x86_64
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PrBoom+ is a Doom source port developed from the original PrBoom project. prboom is an open-source port of Doom, the classic 3D first-person shooter game. It totally outclassed any 3D world games that preceded it, with amazing speed, flexibility, and outstanding gameplay. The specs to the game were released, and thousands of extra levels were written by fans of the game; even today new levels are written for Doom faster then any one person could play them. The target of the prboom-plus project is to extend the original port with features that are necessary or useful to the developers and all those interested in their work. It is worth noting that all changes introduced in no way break PrBoom's compatibility with the original Doom/Doom2 engines, and it is possible to be confident this will never happen in the future since compatibility is as important.



  • prboom = 2.5.0plus
  • prboom-plus =
  • prboom-plus(x86-64) =


  • prboom <= 2.5.0

    Install Howto

    Install prboom-plus rpm package:

    # zypper install prboom-plus


    • /usr/bin/prboom
    • /usr/bin/prboom-plus
    • /usr/bin/prboom-plus-game-server