perl-MooseX-Traits - Automatically apply roles at object creation time

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Package name: perl-MooseX-Traits
Package version: 0.13
Package release: 1.1
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Often you want to create components that can be added to a class arbitrarily. This module makes it easy for the end user to use these components. Instead of requiring the user to create a named class with the desired roles applied, or apply roles to the instance one-by-one, he can just create a new class from yours with 'with_traits', and then instantiate that. There is also 'new_with_traits', which exists for compatibility reasons. It accepts a 'traits' parameter, creates a new class with those traits, and then instantiates it. Class->new_with_traits( traits => [qw/Foo Bar/], foo => 42, bar => 1 ) returns exactly the same object as Class->with_traits(qw/Foo Bar/)->new( foo => 42, bar => 1 ) would. But you can also store the result of 'with_traits', and call other methods: my $c = Class->with_traits(qw/Foo Bar/); $c->new( foo => 42 ); $c->whatever( foo => 1234 ); And so on.




  • perl(MooseX::Traits) = 0.13
  • perl(MooseX::Traits::Util) = 0.13
  • perl-MooseX-Traits = 0.13-1.1

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    Install perl-MooseX-Traits rpm package:

    # zypper install perl-MooseX-Traits