perl-Apache-Filter - Alter the output of previous handlers

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Package name: perl-Apache-Filter
Package version: 1.024
Package release: 1.1
Package architecture: x86_64
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In basic operation, each of the handlers Filter1, Filter2, and Filter3 will make a call to $r->filter_input(), which will return a filehandle. For Filter1, the filehandle points to the requested file. For Filter2, the filehandle contains whatever Filter1 wrote to STDOUT. For Filter3, it contains whatever Filter3 wrote to STDOUT. The output of Filter3 goes directly to the browser. Note that the modules Filter1, Filter2, and Filter3 are listed in forward order, in contrast to the reverse-order listing of Apache::OutputChain. When you've got this module, you can use the same handler both as a stand-alone handler, and as an element in a chain. Just make sure that whenever you're chaining, all the handlers in the chain are "Filter- aware," i.e. they each call $r->filter_register() exactly once, before they start printing to STDOUT. There should be almost no overhead for doing this when there's only one element in the chain.




  • Apache-Filter
  • perl(Apache::Filter) = 1.024
  • perl(Apache::PerlRunFilter)
  • perl(Apache::RegistryFilter)
  • perl-Apache-Filter = 1.024-1.1
  • perl-Apache-Filter(x86-64) = 1.024-1.1


  • perlmod

    Install Howto

    Install perl-Apache-Filter rpm package:

    # zypper install perl-Apache-Filter