libreoffice-officebean - OfficeBean Java Bean component for LibreOffice

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Package release: 1.2
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With the OfficeBean, a developer can easily write Java applications, harnessing the power of LibreOffice. It encapsulates a connection to a locally running LibreOffice process, and hides the complexity of establishing and maintaining that connection from the developer. It also allows embedding of LibreOffice documents within the Java environment. It provides an interface the developer can use to obtain Java AWT windows into which the backend LibreOffice process draws its visual representation. These windows are then plugged into the UI hierarchy of the hosting Java application. The embedded document is controlled from the Java environment, since the OfficeBean allows developers to access the complete LibreOffice API from their Java environment giving them full control over the embedded document, its appearance and behavior.



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    Install Howto

    Install libreoffice-officebean rpm package:

    # zypper install libreoffice-officebean