httping - Ping-like tool for HTTP requests

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Repository: openSUSE Network Utilities all
Package name: httping
Package version: 2.5
Package release: 1.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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Httping is like 'ping' but for http-requests. Give it an url, and it'll show you how long it takes to connect, send a request and retrieve the reply (only the headers). Be aware that the transmission across the network also takes time!



  • httping = 2.5-1.1
  • httping(x86-64) = 2.5-1.1


    Source package: httping-2.5-1.1.src.rpm

    Install Howto

    1. Add the openSUSE Network Utilities repository:
      # zypper addrepo opensuse-network-utilities
    2. Install httping rpm package:
      # zypper install httping


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    2017-05-06 - - Update to 2.5 + do not measure connect/resolve if not reconnecting/re-resolving / improved man-page + added --keep-cookies. they're not stored on disk but with multiple pings they will be used. + in command-line + split mode, show all measurements + only show 'cur' (now 'latest') when it was updated + keep track of transmission time + floating point timeout value + added --max-mtu and --no-tcp-nodelay + show message if data was received while request was still in transit + show message if more that was received than the response header in the HEAD-request mode (which is the default mode) + keep track of close() duration + when an error occured, close with linger=0 causing a RST (giving "connection reset by peer" on other end) to signal failure to the other end + layout fixes + show TOS (type of service) + added pmtu field (tcpi_pmtu) + added re_tx field (re-transmission count) + added --draw-phase + add tcp rtt measurement / graph range improvements + auto-range of graph fix + --abbreviate which converts e.g. 1000 to 1k + show header size + added --divert-connect which connects to an other host than what is in the URL + improved error reporting for DNS lookup + can now set receive/send buffer sizes + show warning when request headers are tool large + moved all strings to gettext() so that HTTPing can be translated to other languages (localization) + cleaned-up help-screen (--help) + color-output can now also be enabled in ncurses view + added setting of priority + added setting of tos + can now add any header(s) you like with --header - Remove patch: httping-fix_uninitialized.patch (fixed upstream) - Build with support for ncurses and fftw3

    2013-03-23 - - update to 2.1

    2012-12-11 - - update to 1.5.6: * adds support for TCP Fast Open

    2012-10-22 - - update to 1.5.5

    2012-10-18 - - update to 1.5.4: * some small fixes * now handle servers which fall asleep after the initial tcp-connect more gracefully * resolving hostnames should now always work

    2011-08-03 - - update to 1.5.2: * fixes binding to an interface

    2011-07-27 - - update to 1.5.1: * adds persistent connections

    2010-07-10 - - update to 1.4.3: * in nagios-check-mode, the program will now emit performance data as well; this can be useful with pnp4nagios, for example

    2010-01-11 - - update to 1.4.1

    2009-12-28 - - update to 1.4.0: * adds IPv6 support