gstreamer-plugins-vaapi - Gstreamer VA-API plugins

Distribution: openSUSE 42.1
Repository: openSUSE Multimedia Libs all
Package name: gstreamer-plugins-vaapi
Package version: 1.10.4
Package release: 32.2
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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gstreamer-vaapi is a collection of GStreamer plugins and helper libraries that allow hardware accelerated video decoding through VA-API.


  • gstreamer-plugins-vaapi = 1.10.4-32.2
  • gstreamer-plugins-vaapi(x86-64) = 1.10.4-32.2


  • libgstcodecparsers_vpx0
  • libgstvaapi-1_6-1
  • libgstvaapi-drm
  • libgstvaapi-egl
  • libgstvaapi-glx
  • libgstvaapi-wayland
  • libgstvaapi-x11

    Install Howto

    1. Add the openSUSE Multimedia Libs repository:
      # zypper addrepo opensuse-multimedia-libs
    2. Install gstreamer-plugins-vaapi rpm package:
      # zypper install gstreamer-plugins-vaapi


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    2017-02-23 - - Update to version 1.10.4: + Bugs fixed: bgo#777506, bgo#778010. - Drop gstreamer-plugins-vaapi-vaapipostproc-set-GST_VAAPI.patch and gstreamer-plugins-vaapi-h264-reduce-frame-gaps.patch: Fixed upstream.

    2017-02-09 - - Add gstreamer-plugins-vaapi-vaapipostproc-set-GST_VAAPI.patch and gstreamer-plugins-vaapi-h264-reduce-frame-gaps.patch: Add two upstream bugfix commits (bgo#777506).

    2017-01-30 - - Update to version 1.10.3: + Bugs fixed: bgo#775204, bgo#774254, bgo#777146, bgo#777395, bgo#777395.

    2016-12-03 - - Update to version 1.10.2: + Bugs fixed: bgo#772838. - Drop gstreamer-plugins-vaapi-va_wayland.patch: Fixed upstream. - Following the above, drop libtool BuildRequires and stop passing autoreconf. We no longer carry any patches.

    2016-11-27 - - Update to version 1.10.1: + Minor bug fixes.

    2016-11-02 - - Update to version 1.10.0: + All the decoders have been split, one plugin feature per codec. So far, the available ones, depending on the driver, are: vaapimpeg2dec, vaapih264dec, vaapih265dec, vaapivc1dec, vaapivp8dec, vaapivp9dec and vaapijpegdec (which already was split). + Improvements when mapping VA surfaces into memory. It now differentiates between negotiation caps and allocations caps, since the allocation memory for surfaces may be bigger than one that is going to be mapped. + Vaapih265enc now supports constant bitrate mode (CBR). + Since several VA drivers are unmaintained, we decide to keep a whitelist with the va drivers we actually test, which is mostly the i915 and to a lesser degree gallium from the mesa project. + Exporting the environment variable GST_VAAPI_ALL_DRIVERS disables the whitelist. + Plugin features are registered at run-time, according to their support by the loaded VA driver. So only the decoders and encoder supported by the system are registered. Since the driver can change, some dependencies are tracked to invalidate the GStreamer registry and reload the plugin. + Dmabuf importation from upstream has been improved, gaining performance. + Vaapipostproc now can negotiate buffer transformations via caps. + Decoders now can do I-frame only reverse playback. This decodes I-frames only because the surface pool is smaller than the required by the GOP to show all the frames. + The upload of frames onto native GL textures has been optimized too, keeping a cache of the internal structures for the offered textures by the sink. + Bugs fixed: bgo#754680, bgo#772554, bgo#772599, bgo#773497, bgo#773589. - Stop passing --enable-opengl to configure: No longer recognized nor needed. - Pass --disable-builtin-libvpx to configure: Ensure we are using system provided libvpx. - Drop libva-devel BuildRequires, and instead add vaapi-tools, vaapi-wayland-tools, pkgconfig(libva), pkgconfig(libva-drm), pkgconfig(libva-glx), pkgconfig(libva-tpi), pkgconfig(wayland-cursor), pkgconfig(wayland-egl), pkgconfig(wayland-scanner), pkgconfig(wayland-server) following what configure really looks for. - Add gstreamer-plugins-vaapi-va_wayland.patch: Correctly locate libva-wayland headers (bgo#773946). - All call to autoreconf, as above patch touches the build system.

    2016-08-22 - - Update to version 1.8.3 (boo#996937): + Bugs fixed: bgo#769250, bgo#768458, bgo#769237, bgo#768458, bgo#768544, bgo#767946, bgo#767934, bgo#767699, bgo#766184, bgo#765368.

    2016-06-14 - - Update to version 1.8.2: + bgo#765702: build: errors when compiling without X11.

    2016-05-28 - - Add pkgconfig(libva-drm), pkgconfig(libva-egl) and pkgconfig(libva-wayland): Ensure that all the libva-subpackages are available during build.