suil-devel - Development files for the suil library

Distribution: openSUSE 42.1
Repository: openSUSE Multimedia Apps all
Package name: suil-devel
Package version: 0.8.2
Package release: 16.3
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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Development files needed to build applications against suil library.




  • pkgconfig(suil-0) = 0.8.2
  • suil-devel = 0.8.2-16.3
  • suil-devel(x86-64) = 0.8.2-16.3


    Install Howto

    1. Add the openSUSE Multimedia Apps repository:
      # zypper addrepo opensuse-multimedia-apps
    2. Install suil-devel rpm package:
      # zypper install suil-devel


    • /usr/include/suil-0/
    • /usr/include/suil-0/suil/suil.h
    • /usr/lib64/
    • /usr/lib64/pkgconfig/suil-0.pc


    2015-12-12 - - Packaged plugin modules in plugins package

    2014-08-09 - Rui Nuno Capela <> - 0.8.2-10 - New upstream release. suil (0.8.2) stable; * Fix embedding several Qt UIs in Gtk * Add configure options to disable all Gtk or Qt support * Upgrade to waf 1.7.16

    2014-01-05 - Rui Nuno Capela <> - 0.8.0-9 - New upstream release. suil (0.8.0) stable; * Add suil_instance_get_handle (patch from Rui Nuno Capela) * Fix compilation errors on some systems * Upgrade to waf 1.7.14 suil (0.6.16) stable; * Fix suil_instance_extension_data() for UIs with NULL extension_data * Fix crashes and resizing for X11 in Qt (patch from Rui Nuno Capela) suil (0.6.14) stable; * Print system error message if module fails to load * Lower dependency from Gtk 2.24 introduced in 0.6.12 * Add support for new LV2 idle interface * Support resizing for X11 in Gtk (patch from Robin Gareus) * Upgrade to waf 1.7.11 suil (0.6.12) stable; * Fix key events for X11 in Gtk without using a troublesome event filter * Fix crash when a broken UI returns a NULL descriptor * Fix compilation on BSD suil (0.6.10) stable; * Downgrade to waf 1.7.5, previous version does not build modules due to package check breakage in waf 1.7.6 suil (0.6.8) stable; * Fix crash in x11_in_gtk2 when event_filter fires before widget is realized * Use (with .0 suffix) by default which is available on systems without the dev package * Update to waf 1.7.8 and autowaf r90 (install docs to versioned directory) suil (0.6.6) stable; * Fix embedding Gtk in Qt as a child widget (support reparenting) * Support for wrapping native Windows UIs in Gtk2 * Gracefully handle UIs with no port_event method * Replace host provided features that match Suil implemented features, rather than passing UIs duplicate features * Disable timestamps in HTML documentation for reproducible build suil (0.6.4) stable; * Correctly handle resizing for Gtk2 in Qt4 * Improve documentation suil (0.6.2) stable; * Fix crashes when wrapper widget is destroyed by toolkit before suil cleanup function is called * Link Gtk wrappers with 'nodelete' to avoid Glib type errors * Allow run-time configuration of module directory via environment variable SUIL_MODULE_DIR suil (0.6.0) stable; * Use path variables in pkgconfig files * Add support for embedding X11 UIs (ui:X11UI) * Support new LV2 UI features automatically if provided by host suil (0.4.4) stable; * Fix embedding Gtk2 Qt4 UIs in Qt4 hosts that do not link to Gtk2 suil (0.4.2) stable; * Fix compilation issues on some systems * Fix build system Python 3 compatibility suil (0.4.0) stable; * Initial release