libschily1_0 - Support library for SING utilities

Distribution: openSUSE 42.1
Repository: openSUSE Multimedia Apps all
Package name: libschily1_0
Package version: 3.02~a07
Package release: 69.3
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 128.76 KB
Download size: 61.81 KB
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libschily contains many portability functions used by the Schily tools.




  • libschily1_0 = 3.02~a07-69.3
  • libschily1_0(x86-64) = 3.02~a07-69.3

    Install Howto

    1. Add the openSUSE Multimedia Apps repository:
      # zypper addrepo opensuse-multimedia-apps
    2. Install libschily1_0 rpm package:
      # zypper install libschily1_0


    • /usr/lib64/
    • /usr/share/doc/packages/libschily1_0/COPYING


    2016-12-28 - - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a07 * mkisofs: deduplication for files)

    2016-01-28 - - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a06 * libscg: fixed a copy/paste problem in the Linux transport that could cause libscg to assume a timeout when no timeout occurred. * libscg: add a new generic option interface. * libscg: New option "ignore-resid" to work around a Linux kernel problem. * mkisofs: better warning messages for rotten directories when in multi-session mode.

    2015-12-31 - - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a05 * mkisofs now tries to be more immune against rotten iso images when in multi session mode. * mkisofs no longer tries to access a string past the null byte when dealing with Joliet. * mkisofs fixed a bug related to sorting with multi extent files (greater than 4 GB).

    2015-12-16 - - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a04 * Support for DVD-Audio was added to mkisofs. * Several bug fixes in mkisofs and mkisofs/diag/* programs to make them more robust against rotten ISO images.

    2015-12-02 - - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a03 * isoinfo no longer eats up all memory when an ISO image with a directory loop is specified.

    2015-11-20 - - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a02 * Many smaller "isoinfo" enhancements including support for relocated directories.

    2015-11-06 - - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a01 * libparanoia: work around a bug that resulted from uninitalized statistics data for C2 checks. * cdda2wav now supports sound output on Linux again.

    2015-08-30 - - Update to new upstream release 3.01 * Final version

    2015-08-05 - - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a31 * Added compile support for Win-10 using non-automake-aware make implementations. Add some workarounds for MinGW32 compilation.

    2015-07-08 - - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a30 * Added a workaround (with autoconf) for a Cygwin bug with [#]pragma weak.