powdertoy - Physics sandbox game

Distribution: openSUSE 42.1
Repository: openSUSE Games all
Package name: powdertoy
Package version: 91.5.330
Package release: 5.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 2.59 MB
Download size: 822.81 KB
Official Mirror: ftp.gwdg.de
The Powder Toy is a free physics sandbox game, which simulates air pressure and velocity, heat, gravity and a countless number of interactions between different substances! The game provides you with various building materials, liquids, gases and electronic components which can be used to construct complex machines, guns, bombs, realistic terrains and almost anything else.



  • appdata()
  • appdata(powder.appdata.xml)
  • application()
  • application(powder.desktop)
  • powdertoy = 91.5.330-5.1
  • powdertoy(x86-64) = 91.5.330-5.1


    Install Howto

    1. Add the openSUSE Games repository:
      # zypper addrepo http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/opensuse/repositories/games/openSUSE_Leap_42.1/ opensuse-games
    2. Install powdertoy rpm package:
      # zypper install powdertoy


    • /usr/bin/powder
    • /usr/share/appdata/powder.appdata.xml
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    • /usr/share/doc/packages/powdertoy/LICENSE
    • /usr/share/doc/packages/powdertoy/README
    • /usr/share/doc/packages/powdertoy/TODO
    • /usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/powder.png
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    • /usr/share/mime/packages/powdertoy-save.xml


    2017-02-05 - mailaender@opensuse.org - Add mime.patch for file type association - Enhance appdata.patch with upstream changes - Install documentation

    2016-08-21 - mailaender@opensuse.org * Update to version 91.5 * Allow favoriting elements from the search UI * Hidden elements now show up in the favorites menu * Allow changing WHOL strengh with .tmp (like BHOL) * Minor fix to GEL<->SPNG water transfer * Fix invisible PIPE bug * Fix crash when using custom lua elements and the favorites menu at the same time * You can now undo stamp placement * Minor text fixes * Changes from version 91.4 * New tool: MIX * Allow using C/F for temperature in PROP tool * Added a favorites menu * Fixed the OS X Version * RPEL's ctype restricts the element it repels * Limit MERC to valid .tmp range * Force a stacking check when undoing * Don't reset edge mode when saving local saves * Allow hiding menusections via Lua * Allow mods to use the starcatcher build & update server * Fix gravity field re-appearing when undoing even if Newtonian Gravity is disabled * Fix LIFE tool sampling * Fix 'n' toggle also resetting air * Fix not being able to turn off FIND tool when a LIFE element is selected * Update .life properly when using particle debug shortcuts (tpt.setdebug(0x8)) * Fix Crash when ctrl+opening a save * Fix blank screen when hitting "Cancel" on double screen prompt * Fixes to lua key events

    2016-05-02 - dsterba@suse.cz - update to version - Version 91.3 * Changed: 3D mode setting from 91.2 is still present in options (suggested value: -3) * Changed: Made 3D mode a little less laggy * Changed: THDR is no longer an energy particle * Fixed: Fixed 3D effect not working properly on OS X, fix yellow screens when turned off on OS X * Fixed: Some fixes to saving edge mode and double scale mode to powder.pref - Version 91.2 * Added: The feature you've all been waiting for is here! 3-dimensional TPT! * Changed: Rewrite parts of the save browser to fix crashes on OS X / windows when opening saves * Changed: Remove virus ---- I mean, fix false virus detection with AVG * Changed: Note: It has been reported that the 3D doesn't work for some people, and instead TPT turns yellow. Since yellow is such a nice color, this is now a feature. - Version 91.1 * Added: In game changelogs! (actually they were added in 91.0) * Added: Ability to enroll in beta updates on the site (fixed) * Changed: Loop edge mode now allows particles to have velocities greater than the size of the screen * Changed: Stickman now has terminal velocity in loop edge mode * Changed: Don't render AMTR as a gas * Fixed: Fix progress bar disappearing on hover in local save browser * Fixed: Fix PBCN(LIGH) * Fixed: Fix crash when opening saves on OS X

    2016-03-09 - mailaender@opensuse.org - add desktop/icon update macros - drop arm_ppc.patch in agreement with upstream: https://github.com/simtr/The-Powder-Toy/pull/288